Billy Graham: Not even he could raise this dead thing

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Follow up, Networking, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, Spin Doctor
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Go see my movie!

Go see my movie!

For a few months on the Wall, we have been fancing another sport HiScrivener fancies – movie watching. Among them has been a weakness of mine, biopics. And of that, another weakness of mine, Billy Graham.

So, some tool is making an unauthorized movie of the great evangelist, and like most inventions without a patent, it has landed flat on its movie reel face.

Billy: The Early Years, directed by former teen-heartthrob actor Robby Benson, grossed an estimated $199,938 from 282 locations, an average of $709 per screen, according to Variety.

700 BUCKS per screen. That’s it. Bubkus! Typically, I would spray WD-40 on my knees and creak upon my soapbox to harangue about the Body of Christ not supporting its own, not promoting its play and not upholding its greatest mouthpiece. BUT… it’s not their fault. It’s the former “Tiger Beat” cover boy!

Name the Jesus flick recently – “Prince of Egypt”, “The Omega Code”, “Passion of the Christ”, “Facing the Giants” and now “Fireproof.” They all had a face, a name and a flippin’ marketing game plan! Just because Billy Graham has the Batphone for God, doesn’t mean the movie was entitled to be a success. As I have noted many times about my dear career, even Billy Graham has a PR man… who happens to dabble a little in movie promotions.

Maybe Robby Benson should have read the want ads in that magazine. He may have come across a phone number for a publicist or two or three. I’m just sayin’.


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