Initially, what’s up with former Republican presidential candidate Gov. Mick Huckabee?! Dude left the campaign trail, signed on as a political hack for FOX News and now has parlayed that into a full-time gig with his own show.

Yes, Mike “Baptist pastor gone Arkansas governor funny guy” Huckabee!

And he scored a coup that no one else in America did – an exclusive interview with the ubiquitious and awfully-maligned “Joe the Plumber”. All nine minutes are below, and it’s worth the listen while gnawing on a sandwich during a lunch break:

MY TURN: This is a man who bowed up and asked Sen. Obama a question regarding an economic plan that has small business owners perplexed and irascible. In short, he wanted to know how he could have the money to afford to keep his business open while his profit is being “spread around” like fertilizer on the plains. Fitting because this fact that Joe is as famous as he is would be considered poo-poo anyway!

That one question has made him the poster boy of the GOP and the public enemy #1 of the DNC. Joe… meet politics.

This dude has been vetted more than Sarah Palin! Now – thanks largely to the uber “we loathe Bush” publication New York Timeswe know he has no plumber’s license (which is not needed until employ), owes some cash on back taxes (um, and the NYT doesn’t?!) and doesn’t belong to a union (AND?!).The guy can’t even walk outside in his skivvies to get the morning paper without 10 TV cameras judging the brand of his whitie-tighties.

Are liberal parvenus so timid and insecure that when an outsider dominates headlines that you have to impale him above the fold? Leave the guy alone! When this becomes a country where are not permitted to ask our representatives questions without fear of reprocution, then I’ll become like Michael Jackson and beat it in some other country.

But wait! There’s more… Here’s Part Deux:

And so, this is a tragic microcosm of politics and the voting process in this country. Who cares about issues?! That’s boring, so let’s drum up drama and dig up some dirt on the candidates and the many brainwashed devoutees who support them. Right? Just ask Joe. The man will probably be skiddish to vote from now on, and all because the national media ran out of monkey feces to fling against the wall.

All I know is if Joe can’t parlay all this attention into a ramp-up for his business, forget the tax break Obama’s plan may stick him with… he may need to get a loan to support his staff. All things happen for a reason. Maybe the media camped out on his lawn will settle him for life.

So, to use a line from Joe, “Hey media. Stick all that in your pipe and smoke it!”

  1. Like the familiar quote – “Immortality: A toy which people cry for, And on their knees apply for, Dispute, contend and lie for, And if allowed Would be right proud Eternally to die for.” (Ambrose Bierce) – I can’t wait for the next post…

  2. hiscrivener says:

    Man, that is a “scream” worth hearing. You know, with concise, salient rants like that, you should get a blog or something. It may be visited a few times. I know I would listen to you opine out loud like that.

    Oh wait! 🙂

  3. I hate to hear a bunch of rich and wanna be rich people complaining. Joe should be thanking Obama and thinking strategically. All dude has to do is secure the name, Joe the plumber, pay his taxes, get a license, make nice with the union and it’s members and get an SBA loan. I have for the most part remained silent about this political process. I have to say, when you mess with the rich getting richer and try to make it easier for the poor to survive. Well you can expect the spin. Pl ease! Give me a break! Small businesses get plenty of support in this country. This isn’t about Joe, This is about the ultra rich being spoiled and mad because somebody dares to say, PAY UP!

    Anyway, I vote for a flat tax of all citizens not affected by poverty.

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