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Of course he has a complex. Just look at that mustache.

No wonder this happened. Look at that hair and mustache. Oy!

A popular brick on the Wall is our unfortunate story about Ray Boltz, who continues to butter churn that knife thrust in the Church’s back with stark reminders of his “Coming Out” party.

Thanks to trolling and hooking up with like-minded and -spirited folk, I find gold like this from “Another Brick in the Wall,” Chrystal and the Slaughter of the Sheep.

You see, that gay parade of Boltz’s has a soundtrack, according to the Washington Blade.

Gospel singer Ray Boltz, who came out in the Blade’s Sept. 12 edition, gave a mini concert Sunday afternoon at Metropolitan Community Church in Washington and wowed attendees with a batch of new songs that proves the gay experience has been on his mind for awhile.

Nearly all the new material Boltz unveiled in his roughly 75-minute set addressed the gay experience. He joked that “Don’t Tell Me Who to Love,” an up-tempo dance number he sang to a pre-recorded track, might sound a bit too much like a Cher cut, but he said a producer he’d been working with in Los Angeles encouraged him to try it.

This is one polarizing story that has the Body of Christ torn like the veil Boltz walked through as he traipsed out of his closet saying, “I wouldn’t go back“… except this time, he was snapping while flailing his arm in a circle. OK, OK. I’m upset about this. I admit it. Cut me some slack. This is man whose music I not only enjoyed, but played on-air during my radio days and was used as a point of ministry and connection with Christ. And now this…

Musically speaking, that song was the exception though. Most of the new material was performed with Boltz accompanying himself on acoustic guitar. Even though the audience was hearing these numbers for the first time, their accessible, uncomplicated lyrics made them easy crowd pleasers. The cleverly crafted “I Will Choose to Love,” ominous, jangly “Swimming Hole” (about a hate crime) and emotionally bare “God Knows I Tried” were the standouts.

The Bible declares the gifts and callings of the Lord are without repentance – and yes, that means Ray Boltz. His gift will continue bless those attending MCC churches, although most of the Body of Christ is feeling a little territorial about said gift and want to pee on his anointed vocal chords to stake their claim. But since they can’t, we have stories like this and the ever-growing notion of “Wha’ Happened?!”

Whatever it was – and is – the Church continues to wonder where this thinking is going to take Ray Boltz because many believe “Heaven is STILL counting on you,” Ray.

Tomorrow, we will discuss more about former gubernatorial and presidential candidate, Mike “I roll with Chuck Norris” Huckabee”. In that post, something is sorely understated and begs a cacophonous “Huzzah!”

Evidently, Mike Huckabee in a newsroom is starting a new-fangled – and alarming – trend… the stereotypical “liberal media” becoming more conservative, not as in redneck but as in Christian (thanks to Yahoo!).

Since the 1980s, when the Christian right emerged as a powerful force in American culture and politics, evangelicals have made significant inroads in law and government by training believers to work inside secular institutions. But while the same universities that helped students launch careers in those fields are offering similar programs in journalism, they haven’t been as successful at changing the nation‘s newsrooms.

Here’s a simple question: “Why?”

Is it because they get sick and tired of the age-old mantra, “If it bleeds, it leads,” so they traipse on over to a Christian publication? What about HiScrivener’s “legal prejudice” theory – where hatred for Christians is not only permitted publicly, but welcomed. You think that wears on a Christian in the throes of a newsroom? Perhaps they’re just not cut for it.

I know, “How dare you?” Well, look. Examine Christian… anything… corporately. From marketing to music, sales to securities, if anyone hands me a business card with an ichthus, I typically think, “Uh yeah” and begin searching for my Yellow Pages. Take this quote:

“They have to be journalists first,” Mattingly [Terry Mattingly, director of the Washington Journalism Center for the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities] said. “You don’t need more Christian journalists. You need more journalists who happen to be Christians if they’re going to contribute to any real diversity in newsrooms.”


MEMO to Christian media members and business owners: The cache an ichthus had is seriously impacted by recession these days. That, or the generic scripture, located near the business name is almost as effective as hanging a neon sign around your neck illuminating, “Hi. Don’t do business with me. I’ll argue daily, Take shortcuts. Demand money early. And then try to lead you to Jesus.”

Not so much. Hey Christian [enter your profession here], consider the waiter/waitress during a SUNDAY BRUNCH. Did you know that this sacred shift is the most contested, traded and skipped… from restaurant staff? Wanna’ know why? Christians. Hey! Don’t shoot the messenger folks. It’s a fact, which is why that quote is so pertinent. Forget being a Christian businessman. Trade in your handy Bible for life application of biblical grace, mercy, truth and love and become a businessman that just so happens to be a Christian!

If that happens in a news room, you would be amazed the “Good News” that shows up at 5, 6 and 10.