Name your PETA metaphor: A snake shedding its skin. A leopard can change its spots. The sun even shines on a dog’s tail once in a while. Whatever it takes, “Bishop” Thomas Weeks just got the tail pinned on his @$$… er, donkey by Tom Joyner online and on-air… and was unceremoniously trotted out in front of America and depanted, goosed and spanked. Ah, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

If you have nine minutes out of your day, TAKE THEM NOW thanks to a source from Hot-lanta’s own V103. Much love to some hook-ups there for the link here! You will not be sorry, Wall Watchers. Good times and giggles ahead.

Said Biggest Loser Weeks decides his 15 minutes are ticking away, no one is really taking interest in his online pimp cycle, “Who wants to be the next Mrs. Weeks” and so, he calls a national media outlet to keep himself in the spotlight and try to sell more books.

So this fool decides to call up the “Tom Joyner Morning Show” and to humbly “tell his side of the story” with Juanita Bynum.

What Weeks underestimated was that Tom Joyner (full disclosure: someone HiScrivener knows, have worked with on many occasions and respect a good deal) is much, much smarter than he presumed. You see, the MOMENT Joyner sniffs the manure, he called B.S. Right on, brother! Here are some more lowlights of this hilarious interview:

  • The “reality show” is online… in “template form.” In other words, just another way this dude can lie to his “followers”.
  • Weeks mentions his “tell-all” book about five bajillion times
  • The charlatan denies “hitting” or “abusing” Juanita Bynum. Nevermind the three-year probation for the Class A Felony, all he did was “push her”
  • QUOTE: “I would rather push you now than punch you later”. Joyner bites his tongue in laughter until blood comes out his nose.
  • He is still pimpin’ because he has a Range Rover, as he reminds us about six times
  • The TBN-celebrated, much ado about nothing marriage was just love. So sweet. I wonder if the fellas on the down low agreed.
  • He believes in “urban relationships,” a lil’ slap and a push is OK?! Really?! You ask Ike and Tina Turner about that, you jackleg.

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  2. hiscrivener says:

    I knew you particularly would love that and “scream” out loud! 🙂

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