Archive for October 18, 2008

Homiletics is a lost art in the pulpit. In these days of emerging Gospel and seeker-sensitive psycho pablum, the rhythm of an effective message gets lost with the goofy anecdotes and cheerleading rah-rah sessions.

Except when you go to a local missionary or primitive Baptist church or even some place claiming COGIC ties. In other words, a black church. Now, there’s some Word! And if you’re a linguaphile, it’s dang near electric.

Alliteration, metaphors, hyperboles, onomatopoeia, euphemisms, personification and even the occasional sprinkled oxymoron. Whew! I think I just broke out in a cold sweat… and you will too as soon as you click play. Imagine, all that AND a nice beat? I could groove to this for a while.