Art imitates life as pastor gets ripped off during sermon

Posted: October 17, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Networking, On Your Wall, PC is not for ME, The Obvious Files
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Meet Reverend Rob Hamby, a campus minister at Texas Christian University. Last week, he was the visiting pastor at Fort Worth Presbyterian on Sunday where he would preach on showing others mercy.

While stoically delivering the message mid-homiletics, two fools walked into the church, past anyone noticing, into the pastor’s office, STOLE HAMBY’S BAG and went on a $7,600 shopping spree throughout Fort Worth!

The newspaper [Dallas Morning News] reported that about $2,000 in purchases were made on his credit and debit cards before he finished preaching, including the purchase of a $676 diamond ring. In addition to his wallet, Hamby’s computer valued at $2,600 was taken.

Well, that’s sweet because I suppose when you steal a pastor’s wallet, you want to get inspired with your hawk so buy an engagement ring. Why not? I mean, at least this way the man will not forget the anniversary. Good on ya’, girl… out think that dude.

You think Jesus and his turf is exempt from wolves in sheep’s clothing?! Um, ever heard of a fake televangelist? If the flippin’ pulpit isn’t safe, what makes you think demons can’t roam in the back of the house?! Not so much. However, in the event Hamby meets a demon strolling the halls lurking for an open wallet and some unattended bling, he demands manners.

Hamby says he believes in helping those less fortunate – when they ask. “The thing that saddens me is that rather than come to the church and meet face to face about providing for a need that they… they would steal from somebody,” he said.

Makes sense. Because a swarthy spirit likes a little “Emily Post” with his soul- and goods-stealing. Talk about an illustrated sermon, eh?


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