Pat Robertson earns another distressing distinction

Posted: October 16, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Networking, On Your Wall, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture
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CBN founder, president and resident chieftain, Pat Robertson, did the unthinkable – and for this cat, that’s saying something.

Move over, Lee Marvin, Jim Brown, Charles Bronson and Kojak. Here comes a true false prophet to join the eclectic nouveau “Dirty Dozen” of Papa BearE.T.’s counterpoint, the Hottie Queen of Hot Air and some dude who truly knows the difference between “conservative” and “Republican”.

You see, according to this dubious list from F.A.I.R. (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting), Pat Robertson joins the latest list of [cue Law & Order doink doink]: Islamophobes, as he continues to proliferate the act of um, “smearcasting”?!

So, why the honor?

Robertson tells the viewers of his signature CBN show, the 700 club, that Islam is “not a religion” but a “worldwide political movement… meant to subjugate all people under Islamic law” (06/12/07). At the same time, he claims Islam is a “bloody, brutal type of religion” (04/28/06) whose followers only “deal with history and truth with violence” and “don’t understand what reasoned dialogue is” (09/25/06).

That’s all it took?! Seriously?! Just look at the picture for crying out loud!

Look here, FAIR, you need to consult your local dictionary because in order to be a “PHOBE” of anything, it must illustrate FEAR. I don’t know if you noticed but this loon ain’t skeered of Islam because he obviously has no clue what it is.

The Nation of Islam is NOT Islam. Terrorists in search of 77 virgins is NOT Islam. Osama is NOT Islam. Dimwits in college clamoring “Assalam Alaikum” is NOT Islam. Listen, here is a non-sequitar analogy for you from HiScrivener:

Jihadist terrorists is to Islam as the KKK is to Christianity.

Does that make any sense? You can’t call some tool “phobic” if they have no “phobe” about being called out. Pat Robertson is definitely one of those people. He has a litany of sound bites to his credit – all disparaging and all embarrassing. In other words, true Muslims claim those crackpots blowing up themselves and everyone within a three-mile radius about as much as true children of God claim this big-eared, open-lipped cold sore on the face of the Church.

If it’s any consolation, FAIR really doesn’t research facts before it bellows out opinion. But then again, isn’t that what journalism has become anyway?!

  1. […] it has been well documented my feelings about the differences between real, devout Muslims and those lunatics blowing themselves up to get […]

  2. hiscrivener says:

    I was going for the melodramatic there… I believe with a little more passion that my God is the only true God, the only way to make it to heaven.

    While I admire the earnest beliefs of true Muslims – not those delusional murders hiding behind a religion to cause massive panic and harm – they believe in a god that is dead, who cannot guarantee anything except a way to live peacefully, but regretfully they will not live eternally that way.

    The reason why it’s so close to the vest is witnessing. I met this guy who was completely devoted to Islam, cool cat but noticed a few things about his religion that left him still wanting more. We became close and found the exception to the rule, “All Muslims are wackos”. He wasn’t.

    Long story short – he is saved now, no longer with us and now I get it. Jesus was right, and the only way to discover that is to see it in action. All fact mixed with a little bit of feeling too. That’s religion and relationship.

  3. Lavrai says:

    Thanks for you thoughtful response. I went to school with American Muslims, live in an area with plenty Muslim neighbors and shopkeepers and I shared a house for a couple of years with two Moroccan Muslims. I’d like to think that I, too, am a little familiar with those professing the Islamic faith.

    You speak of the Muslims you’ve met as people — which is great, because, aren’t we all people? And there are fanatics in every walk of life… we would surely be here all day counting off all the so-called messiahs and Jesus-incarnates currently walking the globe (with followers, sadly).

    I agree with you that people are people, to put summarize what you wrote. And I really can’t argue with much of anything you said, but, for some reason your conviction disturbs me. You wrote “I believe with a little bit more passion that I’m right.”

    Your belief isn’t based on facts, HiScrivener?

  4. hiscrivener says:

    I once heard a pastor whom I greatly respect say something I never forgot, “A fanatic is someone that is completely excited about something you don’t really care about.”

    Regardless if that “something” is sports, scrapbooking or scripture, there are fanatics everywhere. And with that perceived fanaticism comes the ubiquitous stereotype. I have met Muslims – carpet-totin’, Qu’ran-readin’ Muslims – that have been fat and small, white and black, educated and ignorant. What they all had in common was an ardent belief in a fictitious supernatural being. Each of them doing daily what Christians do daily – fighting the horrible stereotypes that so few have inflicted on the many.

    To me, they were “fanatics”. To them, they were “believers”. And the situation was visa-versa.

    They were kind, caring, thought-provoking and completely lost. Yet, if you listened carefully, you could hear two engines revving waiting to take off on a race to see 1.) who would finish first and 2.) who was right in their belief.

    No angst in the race, no ugliness, just that cautious waiting… who is right about their love for their God, and who is dead.

    “What’s a Muslim?” Answer: The same thing as a Christian – a person who believes in a higher being with passion, vigor and determination that their means will come to a victorious end. What makes us different? I believe with a little bit more passion that I’m right.



  5. Lavrai says:

    Hello, HiScrivener. I’m curious — can you please explain what Islam is? And also the definition, as you understand it, of a ‘true Muslim’? — Peace.

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