MOVE 2008: Palin-o-tology puts theology on Alaska’s dime

Posted: October 16, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, Follow up, Legal Prejudice, PC is not for ME
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Sarah Palin was an active child of God, so suffice to say, she enjoyed hearing someone get his or her preach on.

Just as most of us who stop by the Wall, we carry a love for God that supersedes most of what we do on a daily basis.

Most of us have been to a “revival”, a “campmeeting” or went to hear a “featured or guest” speaker at church. They are mostly energizing, inspirational and good to give a fill for the rest of the week.

Sarah Palin is no different, nor should she be. Besides, what else is there to do on a Wednesday night in downtown Wasilla? Hunt moose? Watch Salmon spawn? Shopping for the latest trend in parkas? So, she likes to get her praise on at traveling evangelists’ appearances. Problem?

Well, if you use the hard-earned money of your constituents to travel and tithe, not so much!

What she didn’t tell worshippers gathered at the Wasilla Assembly of God church in her hometown was that her appearance that day came courtesy of Alaskan taxpayers, who picked up the $639.50 tab for her airplane tickets and per diem fees.

Girl, what are you thinking? I realize your state is topographically disconnected from the United States of America, but you are still a part of the United States of America. There is this pesky “church and state” issue sticking his wart-ridden nose in Christian’s business. Maybe you have heard of it?

That said, you are a GOVERNOR of a state. I’m sure you can dish out 640 bucks to not have your church waste the honorarium. Come on!

Since she took state office in late 2006, the governor and her family have spent more than $13,000 in taxpayer funds to attend at least 10 religious events and meetings with Christian pastors, including Franklin Graham, the son of evangelical preacher Billy Graham, records show.

GULP! Well, then again, it is Alaska. It’s not like she is making six figures to do her gig. Right?

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