Just in time for the holidays is a doll slamming the shelves that makes me want to steer not to the toy section, but around itthe Mommy Cuddle n’ Coo.

Every time I stroll down the toy area of my favorite French boutique, Tar-zhay, the second my cart meanders in their possessed aisle, I “puddle and poo.” Those things – en masse – begin ranting with their automated giggle in stereo and skeeres the bejesus out of me. Those loony little dolls freak me out.

You know, I abhor Christmas stuff hitting stores before Halloween, but with this sardonic slobbering thing, it’s fitting. And now, thanks to this story here – and the clip below – I know why!

It’s inspiration was Linda Blair and her split-pea soup. Better yet, Osama bin Laden and the reason he runs from the troops! Click, watch and learn… and then planning on getting your lil’ Wall Watcher another Barbie.

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