MOVE 2008: The bulk shopping nature of the Elephant

Posted: October 11, 2008 in Follow up, Inside 411, Keep it real, Networking, WWJD
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Elephants: the animal known for its spidey-web-like memory and the symbol for the Republican party. Oddly, one of these pachyderms developed a severe case of Alzheimers.

I realize a hefty section of the Wall has already been hued regarding the word “Republican” definitely not ever meant to be a synonym for “Christian.” Nonetheless, it is and evangelicals everywhere are stained with the ire geared for the “Religious Right” that make up only a vociferous few.

But I still encourage the question, “Which one of these peanut-eating fools is the sick one?” If you need an example, take this example from the Fort-Worth Star Telegram.

Texas pastors are rallying with Republican leaders Thursday and Friday at a closed-door meeting in the Austin Hilton.

Closed door? Seriously? Are conservative pastors the only ones with a stake on biblical ethics?

If a presidential candidate is about the faith of a country, shouldn’t both parties be involved? For that matter, shouldn’t both candidates be equally concerned? Not so much. It seems if you are GOP, you are down with GOD. If you are not, you are hot (as in hell).

MEMO to the straight-ticket voting folk out there: Abortion is not the only issue Jesus deems important on this earth. Don’t get me wrong. I have lil’ Wall Watchers and the second I saw a blue line on a stick of which My Fair Lady peed, we made a LIFE not a zygote.

Saying that, when did “free market enterprise” become interchangeable with “same-gender relationships”? What about “lower taxes” and “a Robin Hood mentality for big business” being exclusive with “being Big Brother for the world” and “less government”?

It amazes me how many direct-mail-believing dimwits out there call the GOP bigots, when Lincoln – you know, the guy who freed the slaves – was a Republican. Or what about the dunderheads that claim the DNC knows nothing about the Bible, when who are the candidates always concerned about the lower-class folk come election season?

In other words, shut up people! Both of you party leaders. Both of you candidates. All of you voters. Don’t speak until you fully comprehend voting is a right, not a privilege… but understanding why you vote is a responsibility, not predictability. Issues and people are what we need. Arguing about cronyism and semantics is what you want.

Peanuts, anyone? I’m hungry.

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