Pope Benedict tries to hook a “brother” up

Posted: October 10, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, Networking, On Your Wall, Spin Doctor
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Boy, he tiptoed around that persnickety issue, eh?

Boy, he tiptoed around that persnickety issue, eh?

Pope Benedict XVI – “B16” to the wayfaring evangelicals out there – keeps a busy schedule.

Proclaiming world peace from the Basilica in Rome, fighting against genocide in Rwanda and traipsing down marble-laden staircases in those fancy-shmancy shoes from the “Wizard of Oz” (see the cute picture)… and that’s just the first week.

Well, this week, B16 (oops, did I give it away about HiScrivener) finds himself in front of 300 of his employees – Catholic Bishops – speaking at a mass to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Pope Pius XII’s death, as penned by the AP.

So. Right? Not so much.

This is a big deal because for those not familiar with Yom Hashoah, Zionism or the Holocaust, Pope Pius XII was basically considered to be stuffing his face with pasta while more than six million innocent Jews were being killed by the Aryan nation in Germany.

Pope Benedict XVI gave World War II pontiff Pius XII a push toward possible sainthood and defended his memory from accusations that he did little to spare Jews from the Holocaust. Benedict contended that Pius XII acted silently to save as many Jews as possible and expressed hope that efforts aimed at beatification would proceed smoothly.

Ah, there’s the hook-up. B16 wants P12 to become a saint. In the evangelical world, eh. In the Catholic world, sweet. In the Jewish world, WTF?!

This mild-mannered man who would be Pope shortly before WWII has been called many other things than “Saint Pius.” Monikers that have stained his grave have been: “a man with a blind eyes toward the Jews,” “A Germanophilist”, and of course, “an accomplice to the Fuehrer.”

Um, something tells me the black smoke expelling from the Papal conclave maybe weren’t the burnt ashes of votes but rather the brimstone of hell. Geesh, those sentiments were harsh, but when dealing with harsh reality like this, people aren’t that becoming with praise. Except Pius’ homeboy who took a spin-doctorizing turn on things:

Pius “often acted secretly and silently because, in the light of the concrete realities of that complex historical moment, he saw that this was the only way to avoid the worst and save the largest possible number of Jews.”

Man, sounds like Pope Benedict is running for president and someone just asked him about the bailout. Regretfully, sainthood is something in the Catholic Church that requires phenomenon, not pretermission. Don’t believe me? Meet the well-quoted Rabbi Shear-Yashuv Cohen of Haifa, the first Rabbi to address a Vatican Synod.

“He should not be held up as a model because he did not raise his voice, even if he tried to help us secretly; the fact that he did not speak remains, perhaps because he was afraid… and we can’t forget that.

  1. Einstein On The Church In Nazi Germany… Not all are as convinced of the thesis that PXII was some indifferent half-wit who “sucked down pasta” while the Holocaust Rage. Worth considering, 85%+ of the Jews of Italy survived the Holocaust, even after Germany took over in 43…

    Alsk, Rabbi Israel Zolli – former Chief Rabbi of Rome – was a convert after the war, and took the name “Eugeneo” out of affection to the late pontiff…

    Golda Meier eulogized the Pope at the United Nations upon news of his death.

    More research is warranted.

  2. M. Swaim says:

    Interesting. Good read for you might be the embarrassed retraction by the author of “Hitler’s Pope:”


    It’s easy to throw crowd-pleasing monkey poo without studying history. Just ask Cornwell.

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