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In case you haven’t gotten to Hebrews in Bible study, this is the canonized reference:

For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12 NKJV)

Evidently, rumors are spreading about the literal nature of that scripture. Take, for instance, Gregory Antonio Patterson – a biblical scholar and resident of the Houston County PENAL FACILITY in Alabama.

Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes said Gregory Antonio Patterson, who was awaiting trial on charges related to two armed robberies, was charged with second-degree escape after he allegedly used a hacksaw blade to cut through one of his cell bars, the Dothan (Ala.) Eagle reported Wednesday.

Said blade was stowed away in the back cover of his Bible. Um, although I’ve yet to meet the Apostle Paul, I’m not sure carving up the bars holding you captive and away from the innocent in society was quite what he had in mind. But what do I know, I would have used a birthday cake and a file in it… that or a rockhammer and a sweet picture of Rita Hayworth.

Maybe I just watch too many movies and need to stick to reading my Bible. What a cyclical world.

Boy, he tiptoed around that persnickety issue, eh?

Boy, he tiptoed around that persnickety issue, eh?

Pope Benedict XVI – “B16” to the wayfaring evangelicals out there – keeps a busy schedule.

Proclaiming world peace from the Basilica in Rome, fighting against genocide in Rwanda and traipsing down marble-laden staircases in those fancy-shmancy shoes from the “Wizard of Oz” (see the cute picture)… and that’s just the first week.

Well, this week, B16 (oops, did I give it away about HiScrivener) finds himself in front of 300 of his employees – Catholic Bishops – speaking at a mass to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Pope Pius XII’s death, as penned by the AP.

So. Right? Not so much.

This is a big deal because for those not familiar with Yom Hashoah, Zionism or the Holocaust, Pope Pius XII was basically considered to be stuffing his face with pasta while more than six million innocent Jews were being killed by the Aryan nation in Germany.

Pope Benedict XVI gave World War II pontiff Pius XII a push toward possible sainthood and defended his memory from accusations that he did little to spare Jews from the Holocaust. Benedict contended that Pius XII acted silently to save as many Jews as possible and expressed hope that efforts aimed at beatification would proceed smoothly.

Ah, there’s the hook-up. B16 wants P12 to become a saint. In the evangelical world, eh. In the Catholic world, sweet. In the Jewish world, WTF?!

This mild-mannered man who would be Pope shortly before WWII has been called many other things than “Saint Pius.” Monikers that have stained his grave have been: “a man with a blind eyes toward the Jews,” “A Germanophilist”, and of course, “an accomplice to the Fuehrer.”

Um, something tells me the black smoke expelling from the Papal conclave maybe weren’t the burnt ashes of votes but rather the brimstone of hell. Geesh, those sentiments were harsh, but when dealing with harsh reality like this, people aren’t that becoming with praise. Except Pius’ homeboy who took a spin-doctorizing turn on things:

Pius “often acted secretly and silently because, in the light of the concrete realities of that complex historical moment, he saw that this was the only way to avoid the worst and save the largest possible number of Jews.”

Man, sounds like Pope Benedict is running for president and someone just asked him about the bailout. Regretfully, sainthood is something in the Catholic Church that requires phenomenon, not pretermission. Don’t believe me? Meet the well-quoted Rabbi Shear-Yashuv Cohen of Haifa, the first Rabbi to address a Vatican Synod.

“He should not be held up as a model because he did not raise his voice, even if he tried to help us secretly; the fact that he did not speak remains, perhaps because he was afraid… and we can’t forget that.

There comes a point in life for those special people when your “legend” outlives – and outdates – your life. The distinguished and amazing Rev. Billy Graham is one such man.

For weeks, the Writing on the Wall has seen inscribed stories about Billy Graham and his biopic hitting screens soon. And thus, the theory.

This is a legend that demands to be put on the big screen, and it so happens that legend knows a guy who has experience putting great Jesus movies in theatres, so you know it’s coming. Only problem with that divine set-up… the “life” doesn’t want this particular “legend” movie. DOH!

But hey, who cares, because the legend lives on, as seen in this loooooong story by the AP.

You see, in PR-speak, if the AP does a story that requires even a single page scroll, it’s hoo-ge. Notes?

“I was attracted to this project for, I think, all the right reasons for me, and spiritually, the things I believe in,” [Director Robby] Benson said. “To me, young Billy is just such a good, decent human being. I wanted to make a movie — this sounds trite — but I wanted to make a movie about goodness.”

You know, Robby. I’m sure old Billy makes a fairly OK one as well. I’m just saying. Yet, the struggles continue in the Graham camp. “Legend” and “Little Legend” (Billy and Franklin to me and you) still don’t want the movie made, but one of the youngest Grahams – Gigi – is an avid supporter and will be probably sitting front row at the premiere.

“Most people know him as a counselor to presidents and addressing the nation, a man with beautiful, silver hair,” said Graham’s daughter, Gigi, who endorses the movie and has spoken at churches where the movie is screened. “They don’t realize he was a tall, gangly fellow who just accepted a call to preach.”

Remarkably, the man’s calling has allegedly gotten the best of him – people. Folk want to see this movie because it’s of him. They want to talk about this movie because it’s of him. And so, the life and legend will merge at a theatre near you.

Gigi Graham said her father at first didn’t want to see the film, but following the visit with [producer Larry] Mortorff at his home, the evangelist asked when he would be able to watch it.

Sweet. A story-book ending to yet another Brickhouse Series. Tweet, tweet, tweet.