God Sighting of the Month: Who is that lady in the window?

Posted: October 9, 2008 in Follow up, Good for a Giggle, On Your Wall, The Obvious Files
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Mary, Mary, why you buggin'

Mary, Mary, why you buggin

Another Brick – and resident caterwaul – on the Wall, Kwesi, called it… where is the God Sighting this month?

Evidently, Jesus was too busy with the economy, the war and other prayer necessities, but without fail… his mama showed up in a Springfield, Mass. hospital. The only problem with her visitation is that she is causing quite the hubbub in hospital operations, so as immaculate as she is, she’s got to go.

Only in America.

Hospital officials released a statement Wednesday saying they would remove the window, but would continue to study it over the next few months and may put it on display. Hospital spokesman Mark Fulco said the hospital believes the image is “unique,” but removing the window “is necessary for returning to normal operations.”

Oh, did I mention this is a CATHOLIC hospital?! Yeah, I think the hospital chief of staff will have to say some Hail Mar…er… um… well, never mind. Just call the Vatican. I’m sure there’s an indulgence you can use to get out of this.

  1. Caught Thinking says:

    Well there you go! The month has officially ended. LOL

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