Latest victim of the energy crisis, God?

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Good for a Giggle, On Your Wall
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Whew! It is hot out here.

Yeah, poor dear sweet Almighty.

Evidently, times are tough and air conditioning bills are so exorbidant that God got a little looney, appeared in a New Jersey high school and got butt naked.

Don’t believe me? Welcome to the now hallowed Ewing High School in Mercer County.

As the story goes, some delusional tool named Jovan [as in musk] Ramos walked into the school shortly after lunch, ran into the gymnasium and rocked it like a hurricane. And oh yeah, he called himself, “God.”

Stay classy, bro.

“He proceeded to rip his shirt off and then take his pants off,” [Ramos’ classmate, Jordan] Washington explained. “At that point, this bizarre behavior — him ripping his shirt off — he was making comment of a religious nature, the teachers knew that the situation was not good,” Detective Anthony Messina of the Ewing Township Police Department said. “Comments like he was Jehovah and that this was his house.”

In a lovely story like this, I would be remiss not to find the best quote, which hails from the aforementioned Detective Messina:

“There was no type of weapon that was ever mentioned, shown or seen,” Det. Messina said.

Quick hit, Wall Watchers. He was naked and I’ll bet the A/C was on. That’s all I’m saying. Just sad commentary for the young creator that could. He best hope his next girlfriend doesn’t know what Google is.


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