The Empire Strikes Back: Freshwater and his 50K volts

Posted: October 6, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Follow up, IJS, Networking, On Your Wall
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Looks like John Freshwater's students need to shave.

Looks like John Freshwater has students who need to shave

We have been waiting a long while for news to rise from the Mount Vernon ISD, which is currently holding the trial for Wall of Famer John Freshwater – his Bible, steadfast faith, determination to stand up for God and rumored tendency to cattle prod his 8th grade students in the name of Jesus.

What began as a teacher who was canned for refusing to take a Bible off his desk has now morphed into a law suit for child abuse because of ‘Teach’ here lovingly (and allegedly) branding his students with crosses. I tell ya’, Hollywood will be calling for the script rights soon…

Anywhoo, an interesting turn of events occurred while Freshwater was sweating for his gig, the Superintendent of Mount Vernon ISD got his back in the most pathetic way.

Mount Vernon’s school superintendent [Steve Short] testified today that he didn’t think burn marks that 8th grade science teacher John Freshwater is accused of placing on a student’s arm were abuse that needed to be reported to child protection authorities. “I do not believe he meant to hurt the student,” Short testified yesterday, “but I do believe it was a cross.”

Nice. Remind me to keep this guy on my “Never use in case of emergency” friends list. I can just see Freshwater, clutching his Bible and praying for the best when his boss takes the stand. “I don’t think those marks were bad.” The sigh of relief from Freshwater probably blew off someone’s toupee, and with one other sentence, Freshwater sucked out all the air in the courtroom.

Tell me, Super’, how did the cross get in the kid’s arm in the first place? Stigmata? Maybe someone should alert the Vatican because that child may be a saint! Too far-fetched? Then how about the kid fell asleep in class and was leaning on his trusty 4 ft. tall crucifix he carries to each class. Penance, you know?!

But THAT is not the worst part about “BibleTazerGate”. Evidently, it was a TREND IN THE SCHOOL!

Short also testified today that at least three other teachers had used the device on students. He did not say whether any of those students were injured. One teacher told him that she made a “quick motion” with the device on a student’s arm, Short said.

MEMO TO ALL PARENTS OF THE MOUNT VERNON, OHIO ISD: Pack yo’ bags and move your self to Cleveland. I would rather risk drive-bys at the bus stop than being tazed in class.


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