London plagiarizes the Ten Blogging Commandments

Posted: October 3, 2008 in Follow up, IJS, Networking, On Your Wall
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The pen is mighter than the what, again?!

The pen is mighter than the what, again?!

A couple of weeks ago, HiScrivener posted a delightful diatribe from the affectionately dubbed “Grand Puba” of High Calling Blogs, Marcus Goodyear.

The post in question revolved around an ingenious version of the Ten Commandments. Given he runs a blog network, it’s fitting they are the de rigeur of Blogging.

Well, set out not to be outdone, the London-based Evangelical Alliance has posted its own version of – originally entitled – “The Ten Blogging Commandments.”

Three problems for my revered HCB:

  1. Their version of stone-laden writ made Reuters. Yours made… well, The Writing on the Wall. Don’t get me wrong, I love what God has allowed this to become, but it’s no international wire service.
  2. Brother, you need PR representation. I know this guy… ah, but that’s another story. IJS.
  3. Can you break a copyright infringement across the pond? If so, get a kayak and gets to paddling.
  1. Rather than plagiarism, I’d say maybe that great minds think alike? : )

    Their list is certainly more concise than mine, which focused specifically on politics and felt more like a bible study applying the ten commandments to a particular situation.

    Thanks for the post though.

    PR representation sounds fun. And I do own a kayak, but mostly I limit myself to stretches of a few miles on the Guadalupe River.

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