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Wall Watchers everywhere, allow me to introduce my new media hero, Dr. Voddie Baucham. Please enjoy this clip beginning at 1:01 from CNN (a righteous set-up if there ever was one in media) and HiScrivener’s commentary below:

Oh, I would adore being this guy’s PR rep. Did anyone catch that glorious nugget of wisdom that makes my argument for this entire “Brickhouse Series?:

We are about the Gospel. The culture doesn’t dictate truth, the Gospel dictates truth. My job is not to be a political pundit or a political activist – my job is to be a pastor, and proclaim the truth of the Gospel as clearly as I can.

Voddie, where have you been? This bastion of faith – and a salty amount of apologetics – was put on CNN for a witch hunt. “Sarah Palin is forcing evangelicals who don’t want women in the pulpit are considering her in the White House” or some such… and then they’re off to the modern Salem witch trialser, the races.

He was called sexist, implied as a fraud and was ganged up on by an uber-liberal feminista preacher and the host herself who even brought up the prophet-ess Deborah from the Book of Judges. I’m sorry?! Who brings that out of her bag of tricks?!

Oh yeah, one that was prepped by an intern with a hankering to exegete and to put a preacher in a corner.

Too bad, if you watched the clip, you’ll see. Dr. Voddie Baucham has a depoliticized pulpit and is proud of it. Why can’t all pastors be like this? You know, takes their call seriously to promote faith and proselytize the Gospel rather than push a candidate and pose as a pundit in lieu of Jesus’ blessing.

And despite my buzz for alliteration, this man personifies what a pastor should do – keep your vote in your back pocket and focus on the issues, the scriptures and the people. Amen, Voddie. Job well done.

[Bricklaying shout out to noted another brick in the wall, I’m Speaking Truth, for finding this gem in the rough.]

Just like this story from the Charleston Daily Mail begins:

South Charleston Patrolman S. W. Miller was on duty with his police drug dog, Vader, when the odor of marijuana filtered into his police cruiser.

Sounds like a typical night in South Charleston, W. Va. right? After all, what else is there to do floating down the Cahulawassee River besides pluck a banjo, smoke reefer and listening to harrowing pigs squealing in the background. (Deliverance, anyone?)

Well, “Vader” here had a nose for that kind of thing, so off he strolls on a quest to the dark side. (Just wait, there’s more). Vader leads his young jedi police officer to a sliver mini-van. And guess who was flaming on the ganga?

The mini van pulled over, and inside were Jim O’Connor, the pastor at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in South Charleston, and one of the parishioners, Michael Joseph Deegan, also well-known in the community as a substance abuse counselor.

Now, that’s rich. A priest of more than 15 years serving the community on ways to be led to eternity began having heavenly experiences smoking the tree of life. Stay classy, Padre.

And now the diocese playing Spin Doctor puts out this simpleton release:

“An internal investigation is being conducted by diocesan officials, as is undertaken in all such incidents. Meanwhile, Father O’Connor is now suspended from his priestly responsibilities and has been removed as pastor of Blessed Sacrament Parish in South Charleston.”

You know, I have thought about this and there is no better way to close this story than to quote a great ministry watchdog, “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” (I told you I wasn’t done. Now go back to your basement and play Xbox, young Padawin.)

I suppose seeing the stereotypical Catholic with a last name that ends in “Z” is passe. There is now a new trend in delusional sacrosanct sightings “Insha’Allah.”

So, let’s take a trip across the pond and meet Rubina Sheikh from Helsingborg, Sweden. Yes, sports fans, the Guiness World Book of Records found the only frozen Muslim in existence for this cockamamie story.

“When I sliced the mango in two, ‘Allah’ was written in one half and ‘Muhammad’ in the other. It’s a miracle, a sign from Allah,” said Sheikh to the Metro newspaper.

That’s right. She didn’t see Muhammad in her produce, but saw a personally inscribed love note carved in the fruit fresh from her local Tom Thumb (or whatever they call it in Scandinavian… maybe God Jul or something)?!

Regardless the religion, are folk that desperate to actually hear from God that they are willing to listen to politicianser, produce. If this is the case, I recommend a serious walk back to the Bible (yeah, yeah, or Qu’ran).

Too bad I didn’t have a clear picture of Muhammad’s penmanship with this story. I’m sure I could have sold that on Craig’s List Chicago to someone.

Ah, well. The spirit of entrepreneurship lives on.