There are “Growing Pains” in Hollywood

Posted: September 29, 2008 in Above the Fold, Keep it real, Networking, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture
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Every weekend, there is another movie trying to get its scrilla and street cred. Be it a thought-provoking preview, a plot with more turns than a NASCAR race or just the typical – eye candy. Hollywood spares nothing to get folk to buy tickets, eat popcorn and watch a flick on its opening weekend.

We’ve all done it. Be it Star Wars, Batman, LOTR or some classy chic flick, we have waited in a line with soft drink smoldering in-hand waiting to get that great seat on opening night.

HOWEVER, would it surprise you that at the time of this post on the Wall, the number one movie in America – by a long shot – is not something by Steven Spielberg. Rather, this week’s mondo film stars former teen hearthrob gone seriously Christian, Kirk Cameron?!

Wha..? It seems to most outside the Church, after “Growing Pains,” Cameron seems to have disappeared down the proverbial toilet like the rest of his career. No? See for yourself. However, inside the Church, Kirk Cameron has become something of a wunderkin of witnessing with his co-founded ministry, “The Way of the Master.” It seems Cameron has a new way with his new movie, “Fireproof.”

The movie about a firefighter struggling in his marriage comes to theaters with more momentum than the Kendricks’ first film: a star in Kirk Cameron; a $500,000 budget; and it’s playing in 830 theaters, more than double their last movie. According to movie ticketing site, Fireproof is accounting for 41% of ticket sales, far outpacing Shia LaBeouf’s Eagle Eye.

That’s 41 percent of all ticket sales nationwide, folks. To use a sports analogy, that’s a butt kicking. But from Kirk Cameron, a man not typically known for box-office domination. So what gives?

Marketing 101: Get a product, build a buzz, deliver to the masses.

It’s what most Christian movies do – market group sales, get churches involved, have friends tell their friends and watch the miracles happen. Oh, you never saw “Passion of the Christ“? Same way. What about “Facing the Giants“? Same guys. Again polarizing, that’s where the explanation stops for those outside the Church. However, for those inside of it, we just call it “God.” When you got him backing your play in Hollywood, who needs an agent. Certainly not, “Mike Seaver.”

The “Way of the Master”? Indeed, young Jedi. Indeed.

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