Gospel Today publisher fights for tomorrow

Posted: September 29, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Follow up, IJS, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, The Obvious Files
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A few days ago, we read on the Wall about renowned Christian publication, Gospel Today, getting the heisman from a bunch of good ol’ boys known as the Southern Baptist Convention. What happened?

You can check right here for details, but they – also the owners of Lifeway Christian Bookstores – removed the magazine from its bookshelves nationwide because it had the gall to feature “female pastors” on its cover.

The shame of it all – a Christian magazine thinking to write an editorial story. You know, doing what a magazine is supposed to do?! But after the SBC takes the position of “Big Brother,” Gospel Today publisher Teresa Hairston points a Pentecostal finger at them clamoring in this story from EURWEB.com, “1984 this!”

Hairston, who holds a Doctorate in Theology from the Richmond Theological Seminary, sees it as a matter of sexism. It’s an insult to women for this story to be suffocated and treated like pornography. It’s insensitive and unjust,” she gripped, adding that the goal of the gospel is to set the captives free.

Why the porn comment? Oh, if you were interested in purchasing the magazine at the store post-edict, the store reps would have to provide you said magazine from behind the counter, as if patrons of a CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE was looking for a copy of [insert any popular smut rag here].


And if you think the SBC will have the last word, you don’t know Ms. Hairston like I do (and yes, I do).

Further, the owner of Gospel Today points out, it is hypocritical for the SBC to have endorsed the Republican ticket where the Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin could potentially lead the country, but they can’t entrust a woman to lead a local assembly of believers.

Again, nice. Point. And match.

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