“Supporting Israel”: Ministry gives $11M to Holocaust survivors

Posted: September 28, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, IJS, Networking
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One of the most important lexicography any Christian can ascribe to their personal dogma is “Zionism”. A diaspora nationalism that goes beyond a religious movement or a political revolution. This is sacrosanct for many. So, what is it?

[According to Webster’s]: “Zionism” was a worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel.

The thing about that: a journalist innovated this movement, and now Christians have taken it on as their own. Why? Because they were asked to do so.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May those you love be secure (Psalm 122:6)

Ever heard that adage, “Put your money where your mouth is”? My opinion, cynicism breeds healthy pragmatism. So when you see a CHURCH or a MINISTRY applying that credo to their collective walk of faith, it refreshes the soul. When that Jesus walk is out of a bank with a check of $11 MILLION to HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS, it brings tears to your eyes… at least mine, thanks to this story from the Jerusalem Post.

A Christian charity is donating $11 million to 28,000 destitute Holocaust survivors in Israel and around the world ahead of the upcoming Jewish New Year holiday, the organization announced Tuesday.

The Chicago-based International Fellowship of Christians and Jews said it will give 11,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel a NIS 1,800 holiday gift each, while 17,000 survivors residing abroad will receive NIS 1,050 each. 250,000 Holocaust survivors are living in Israel.

Rosh Hashanah will provide a new reason to rejoice this new Jewish year for almost 30,000 people that lived through the worst crime against humanity in world history. So why the early Christmas present? Many of these survivors live in poverty, some of it abject. Well, praying for the peace of Jerusalem should imply lifting up the people of Jerusalem as well. Many can say it, few can prove it.

Auld Lang Syne, IFCJ. Amazing gesture for a deleterious group of individuals. And for Zionists everywhere:

Baruch Shem Kivod Malchuto LeOlam Va’ed. Kevitah veChasimah Tovah LeShanah Tovah Tikateivu.

  1. thesoulofthecreator says:

    I think that is awesome how the church is reaching out to the Jewish community. Now I believe the church can do the same for the Palestinians for the Palestinians are made just as much in the image of God as the Jewish people. God is no respecter of persons and a theology built upon one specific race as chosen instead of the church as a whole is shaky at best. Plus the Palestinian Christians are there as well and no one is truly speaking for them.

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