Cross Eyed: T.D. Jakes visits “On Faith”

Posted: September 27, 2008 in Follow up, Keep it real, Networking, Politics, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture
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This week on “Cross Eyed” – The Wall’s video evangelism “Brickhouse Series” – we have a doozie.

Bishop T.D. Jakes was bound and gagged by Sally Quinn of “On Faith” and given a 20 minute interview. Although the extended version found here speaks about his book, his faith and his upbringing, there is a six-minute “highlight” version seen below.

  • Palin’s daughter being pregnant – He knows form whence he speaks, and IMHO, does so candidly and eloquently.
  • Supporting Obama – Now, now. Before you shout to the heavens, “A-ha!” Steady. He speaks about what HiScrivener posted months ago in the shadow of his controversial editorial about having “visible goose bumps”. For the record, I don’t care who he votes for, as long as that vote is kept private from his church. As long as he focuses on ISSUES, it’s all right by me.
  • This historic election – I have often said and penned this is an historic election – one where a black man and a woman can be voted into the White House. Astonishing. 60 years ago, folk were hanging people that looked like Barack and longer than that, Sarah Palin was expected to make the bed and breakfast, not decisions about American policy. Regardless the party, these people are making history.
  • Not being a Christian nation – We are not. Sorry for the wake-up call, but there are more faiths in this country than any other. Embrace diversity, yes, but understand the differences.

And now, Wall Watchers, on with the show… which, uh, has a caveat: Do yourself a favor, FAST FORWARD TO 1:06 on this. The original feed takes eons to upload so I went to YouTube, and someone is using this video to preach his twisted message. Just go past it. Please?

  1. regina says:

    I had never seen this video interview. Thanks for sharing. I’ll pop over and view the video in it’s entirety shortly.

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