Kenyan Pastor puts his sin in the spotlight

Posted: September 26, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Good for a Giggle, Networking, On Your Wall
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Evidently, someone asked God about this Kenyan pastor’s indiscretions, and he said, “When”.

And what a side-splitting fashion. Oh Jesus, you so crazy.

So, what happened? Let’s go to Nairobi, Kenya (in Africa, for those without an Atlas) and visit a simpleton pastor preaching his sermon when he paused to show the world his sin, as noted by the East African Standard.

You see, it gets toasty under the sun and brother needed to wipe the trickling sweat off his brow. Understandable, so reach in your pocket… past the keys… your wallet… breath mints… there… and pull out A PAIR OF PANTIES TO BLOT YOUR HEAD.

Oh, and his wife was sitting in the front row. Stay classy, Rev.

But his adulterous adventures caught up with him while delivering the lunchtime sermon before a huge gathering when he wiped out the ‘handkerchief’ to the utter shock of believers.

“One of the faithful walked straight to the pulpit and alerted him about the mistake upon which he quickly returned the underwear into his pocket. But it was too late as his wife was in attendance and had seen everything,” Mr Martin Okoyo, who attended the session, told Crazy Monday.

Well, he tried. What’s that adage about what’s done in the dark will come to the light? Let’s see a clandestine booty call late at night was made public as your preach under a blazing sun. Yeah, I’d say that is poetic justic of biblical proportions.


  1. Oh wow! I feel really, really bad for his wife though.

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