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Hey Weeks. The Church is talking to you!

Hey Weeks. The Church is talking to you!

Any story about the sanctimonius schliemiel, “Bishop” Thomas Weeks, and his lustfuler, entrepreneurialI mean, heartfelt exploits to locate Wifey #3 just had to be a “Brickhouse Series.” So, away we go…

Well, “Bishop” Thomas Weeks’ cracked production crew at the ready, scriptures hi-lited ready to twist and a platoon of security guarding the front door in case his formerly battered bride decided to show up to give him the “Juanita Bynum Once-over.”

But Thomas Weeks’ quest for a cover-up and his uh, reality show “Who Wants to be the Next Mrs. Weeks” was for not, as we see in this article from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The first full episode of “Who Will Be the Next Mrs. Weeks” was postponed because of incomplete contract negotiations with a reality television producer. Those who logged onto Tuesday saw what seemed like an infomercial about Weeks instead of the lively conversation about dating featured in the reality show’s promo. “The show was modified due to the fact of ongoing talks with network producers and network stations who are ramped up to do the first Christian reality dating program,” Weeks said.

Dude! This is not some act VH1 is taking on the road. This is you pilfering through the personals for the next girl who will catch a beatdown as you “lay on of hands.” All the while, you will work to maintain and offer CPR to your 15 minutes of fame.

So, on we go with the man currently serving three years probation for ADMITTING TO SPOUSAL ABUSE. (Did I mention that yet)? I don’t know what is more hilarious – the fact that he thinks this is a real “reality show”, or that he believes he can use it to preach?!

‘Who will be the Next Mrs. Weeks’ is an open dialogue for us to talk — good, bad or indifferent,” Weeks said. “You know in the church we really don’t talk about hot topic issues, we bury it. We become silent.”

Does he even realize the mockery he is making of marriage, his church, his members, himself… and oh yeah, his GOD!? Of course he does, and has no regard or shame in the matter. This, Wall Watchers, is called a fraud. The only thing this preaches is a means to an end… and infernal one, if he doesn’t watch his step.

“Hot topics”?! I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  1. Norma says:

    The so call Bishop Weeks is not a true man of God. The mess he is doing is know place for the church. The man is money hungry and nasty. I could not sit under anyone with his class. He has a very slick tongue, and he thanks he is above the law. God has a place for all pretenders. To use a website to try and find a wife is offer. Weeks will pay dearly.

  2. […] decides his 15 minutes are ticking away, no one is really taking interest in his online pimp cycle, “Who wants to be the next Mrs. Weeks” and so, he calls a national media outlet to keep himself in the spotlight and try to sell more […]

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