Stephen Tong: It’s gonna take more than bean pies

Posted: September 25, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, Keep it real, Legal Prejudice, On Your Wall, Testify
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DATELINE: The hugely Muslim populated country of Indonesia

HEADLINE: Stephen Tong is the world’s bravest pastor

Why? This dude is opening a megachurch in a country made up of violent Muslims and knows he’ll make a difference. In fact, the country breakdown is as follows:

Muslim majority (86%), Protestants (6%), Catholics (6%), Hindus (1.8%) and other faiths

This is the world’s biggest Muslim nation known for forcing out seminaries and churches at will. You think that’s going to stop Stephen Tong, Superpastor? Not in the least. Which incidentally, would this be the first story of the separation of Church and Mosque?! Ah, well… back to the story.

“This proves that there are no restrictions from the Indonesian government to build religious centres,” said Tong, a charismatic preacher who founded the Indonesian Reformed Evangelical Church in 1989. “It gives the world a new impression of Indonesia: it is not a messy country or full of troubles.”

Not that my medulla was full of opinions on Jakarta, but because of this story, I do have a firm opinion of him.

This is one bold Christian, and in a country where Muslims have been known to thrash and even burn churches, he must be a man of prayer as well.

Wall Watchers, persecution of Christians and religion is very real over the pond. This church has an opportunity to be a bright light in a dark and dank land. God, protect this man and that church. Keep it strong and fortified and allow its doors to stay open to the millions of Muslims and the tens of Christians in that country.

  1. […] HiScrivener recently wrote an article about Stephen Tong, a man trying to start a megachurch in Indonesia. Looking at the statistics makes me cringe. Although the odds are against him, Stephen Tong did not let that deter him from reflecting the love of Christ. He is willingly planting a church in a dangerous land where Christian beliefs are violently opposed. There is no cap to Christ’s love. There shouldn’t be anything holding us back from reflecting that. […]

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