Forcing a pastor to evict the homeless

Posted: September 24, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, Networking, On Your Wall, Spin Doctor, WWJD
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Kind of a harrowing headline, isn’t it? Well, it’s not fictional, I can assure you of that. Unfortunately.

Check it out here from Brookville, Penn.

For Brookville, a town of 4,000 people, the book is the law. Solicitor Stephen French has taken the church to court for housing the homeless in a commercial district, which he says violates the borough’s zoning regulations.

Now that is keeping it classy. Giving the homeless some shelter, shame on that church, right French?! Shame! Odds are in a commercial district there aren’t a whole lot of people complaining about the real estate value going down because of a couple of smelly fellas trying to stay warm on a cot.

So, in a quest to save face but still kick some bums out… well, back on the street, we have this quote:

“I personally think the work he does is wonderful,” French said of [Pastor of the church, Rev. Jack] Wisor. “But we’re not going to allow someone to violate the zoning laws because they do it in the name of Jesus Christ.”

You almost hope the spiking numbers of unemployment strike this cat flat in his behind so he can be among the living. You turd.


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