MOVE 2008: The Rockstar goes on a national church tour

Posted: September 23, 2008 in Follow up, Keep it real, PC is not for ME, Politics, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, The Obvious Files
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Now that the Kool-aid drinking pep rallieser, Democratic and Republican national conventions are over, the candidates are forced to look inward and consider issues instead of insipid hate to make a point and win an election.

That said, Barack Obama is going back to doing what he does best – pandering to the Church making believers out of them all. No? The bumper stickers weren’t bad enough? Well, maybe this will work. This story given to CBN’s shining star, David Brody, an official with the Obama campaign had this to say:

An official with Barack Obama’s campaign tells The Brody File that beginning next week the campaign will start an official faith tour in key battleground states called “Barack Obama: Faith, Family and Values Tour”. The subheading of the tour is as follows: “Voting ALL Our Values”

MEMO to the Church: Are you so blind as not to see the glowing transparency in that statement?! The tour will ONLY commence in “key battleground states.” So, basically if John McCain has no shot of coloring a state red, then Barack Obama doesn’t care about the faith in your region.

Additionally, Obama isn’t even the one touting his freshly minted bumper stickers across state lines. It will be noted preachers in those purple states who should be staying the heck out of politics in the first place. Stay classy, pastors.

So, what’s this really about, because it’s obvious this isn’t about evangelism? Oh yeah:

While conservative Evangelicals have flocked to Palin, the Obama campaign is targeting voters from so many of the other faith traditions. The Brody File has been told that even with Palin now in the race, the Obama campaign’s internal faith polling shows them to be doing better than expected with other denominations besides conservative Evangelicals.

Survival of the fittest. You know, if I was cynical, I would swear it’s not inciting faith Barack Obama is after, but rather doing whatever it takes to earn a vote. Ah, well. He could just be like John McCain and not care about the evangelical vote and let his Veep go through the hoops of fire for him.

Wonder who would rather vote for in favor of your Christian interests now? Elections… can’t live with them, can’t go without them.

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