Depoliticizing the Pulpit: What Moses says about blogging politics

Posted: September 23, 2008 in Inside 411, Keep it real, Networking, PC is not for ME, Politics
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Moses, Blogging it Old School

Moses, Blogging it Old School

HiScrivener is a bold advocate and buxom cheerleader for High Calling Blogs, save the “indoor plumbing” and ability to fill a sweater properly. Why? Because they get it, simply. Just because you are saved doesn’t mean you are safe from looking like a baffoon if you can’t form an opinion about the world around you.

That said, the Grand Puba of HCB, Marcus Goodyear, penned a delightful post about the “The 10 Commandments of Blogging Politics” (hence the Moses reference).

So, for those I esteem and enjoy (note the other “Bricks in the Wall”) and for those of you I’m just waiting on an introduction (believe me, if you are interested in linking and we are synched in focus, I’m game), enjoy. I sure did.

In a word, Jene-yus! Good on ya’, Marcus.

P.S. #4? I’ll shout that from the tallest rooftops to the neophytes that belong in this particular Brickhouse Series.

  1. […] couple of weeks ago, HiScrivener posted a delightful diatribe from the affectionately dubbed “Grand Puba” of High Calling Blogs, Marcus […]

  2. hiscrivener says:

    B! Where you been, brother? Good to hear from you again.

    Marcus, the fact that you understood the double entendre (i.e. The Wall here… and “The Wall” there) makes me dig HCB even more.

  3. Grand Puba? I’m overwhelmed. I’d like to thank my wife who always supported me… and my parents… and my boss…

    Thanks for the good words, Scrivener. This is a big encouragement.

    Thanks also for the Pink Floyd reference. That really takes me back…

  4. Winston B. says:

    Good stuff, bro. Nice find.

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