Preacher kids get stuck with father’s murderer – Mommy

Posted: September 22, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, PC is not for ME
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Sometimes, you see the bad guy get what he richly deserves – three hots and a cot. Then, you see the justice system in action forcing you to scratch your head so much it leaves a bald spot.

Remember Mary Winkler?

This was a Church of Christ’s pastor’s wife who was evidently abused on a regular basis. So, she does what most would applaud her for doing – she killed him, on accident, but he’s dead nonetheless. Although death may be too uh, final, for a wife-beater, it does provide a taste of what that nut did to her for years – allegedly.

Mary, Mary was buggin’ (a little RUN DMC humor there) in a state mental institution for seven months and her daughters – ages 11, 9 and 3 – were watched by her (wait for it) paternal grandparents, who begged the court for full custody claiming their former granddaughter-in-law was an unfit parent.

Ya’ think?!

Anywhoo, yesterday the unthinkable happened causing yet another bald spot on scalps everywhere. Mary Winkler was given FULL CUSTODY of her children. Nice.

Judge Ron Harmon of Carroll County Chancery Court returned full custody following a brief hearing, saying he was pleased that Winkler and her former in-laws have agreed to work together for the good of the children… “We love each other, and we’re getting along,” she said. “We’ve reconciled.”

Well, that’s sweet. Now that we have rectified the holidays for the Winkler family, who in the hell is going to explain why Daddy isn’t home to that three-year old?! And what must those other girls think of their mother. It’s terrible why it happened, but it’s even worse considering the collateral damage.

And you think the stereotype for preacher’s kids are bad now. Just wait a few years and give me a call about those girls. Mercy.


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