Oh God, another reason to hate the French

Posted: September 22, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Networking, On Your Wall, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture
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The terrorist attacks on 9-11 didn’t just alter the American economy and our sense of safety, but it gave the U.S. foreign relations footprint a good boot in the butt.

This country discovered who its friends really were – and France, suffice to say, will not be invited to any of our nation’s birthday parties anytime soon. So as if the Body of Christ and Americans in general, here’s yet another lovely reason to despise the French – they hate Jesus.

Not just a couple of folk but 90 percent of the whole fried country, according to this report from Reuters.

At the bottom of the chart was France, where only 10 percent saw religion as very important and 60 percent said they never pray

This was a country once inhabited and oversaw by priests – granted, they were Pagan Celts, but nevermind that. What happened? This wouldn’t be a free post on the Wall without a few moments to opine:

  1. Our fascination with megachurches really gives them “Jesus Envy.” I mean, haven’t you seen those streets in France? I’m surprised they can build outhouses, yet alone a house of God on those lilliputian walkways.
  2. France is a collective den of cults with major hubs for Scientology, Children of God, Unification Church and Order of the Solar Temple. No wonder they can’t stand Jesus. Why worship one God when you can have so many choices?! Ask a Hindu, they’ll tell you for sure.
  3. France is openly considered the “eldest daughter to the Roman Catholic Church.” Considering what dating must have been like for this chic, seeing how her Daddy was the Pope, France is probably still single, really weather-ridden and bitter about being an old maid. America on the other hand? Well, that is the Catholic Church’s “adopted daughter”, so she probably got all these hot characteristics and lived a rebellious life. Shoot, what else do you expect from a P.K.?!

Ah, Vive la France. What Gaul. (WOW! That was a stretch, but if you fancy history, a funny one!)

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