MOVE 2008: The WWJD argument gone horribly wrong

Posted: September 18, 2008 in Follow up, Keep it real, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, Spin Doctor, The Obvious Files, WWJD
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“What would Jesus do?”

What began as kitschy marketing has become the ubiquitous age-old question to folk ever caught in a bind and need to know which way blessings cometh. And now, thanks to Patrick J. Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition, “WWJD” has reached the end of its effectiveness.

Evidently, Barack Obama had yet another fundraising event of the stars where A PLATE went for the paltry price of $28,500. Puh-lease, when was the last time you had a badly cooked steak for 30 LARGE?! Last week? Yeah, me too.

So while the throngs of Hollywood fill private rooms with angst and douchebaggery headlined by Babs Streisand, according to Rev. Mahoney’s press release (which is actually an unskilled man’s way of writing an editorial who can’t get it into newspapers):

“It is absolutely shameful and disgraceful, that while millions of people are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and thousands in Texas and Louisiana actually have no roofs over their heads, Senator Obama is holding this $28,000 per plate fundraiser in Beverly Hills.  This is a slap in the face to every struggling American during these challenging financial times and shows how out of touch Senator Obama is.

Well, of course it is. But then again, how much money do you think the McCain-Palin campaign has earned by holding neighborhood tea parties or selling girl scout cookies? Come on with the double standards, brother? Don’t get me wrong. I think these “fund raisers” are absolutely inane, but then again, it’s a necessary evil to get elected.

If people in this country truly cared more about their vote rather than the personality of the presidential candidates (or Veeps), we would know THE ISSUES AND WHERE THEY STAND ON THEM. But since we are so easily swayed by direct mail campaigns, spawning commercials and on-air hate fests, I suppose raising more cash than what you would earn at a garage sale may work once in a while to stay on TV.

MEMO to Rev. Pat: Once Captain Hollywood – or McCain for that matter – gets into office, these top-tier fund raisers will continue, as will your propensity for these er, ‘press releases’. Heck, it’s five years of these smoke-filled rooms of upper crust that has enabled Barack Obama to get this far. But hey, a presidential candidate has got to eat, right? Well, that and pay for commercial ads filled with vitriol.

  1. […] that being said, don’t use “WWJD” in regards to politics. HiScrivener wrote and article and states why. We don’t really know what Jesus would have done in anything. All we really can go off of is […]

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