The Inconvenient Truth, no really.

Posted: September 18, 2008 in Denominational Fun, IJS, Networking, Politics, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, WWJD
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A while back, former Veep and presidential candidate, Al Gore took the world by storm with his love of the environment (and a slight bit of hatred for the Republican agenda) with his nobel-prize winning movie, “An Inconvenient Truth.

And as much as the film seemed to be a Gore informercial, it got people thinking. But who knew espousing a hope to rid ourselves from oil dependency and harnessing responsibility for the earth would affect national BIBLE PUBLICATION?!

Well, it did, as seen here in Christian Today.

The Green Bible, produced by Harper Collins publishers, is due for release on 7 October and highlights in green, soy-based ink, more than 1,000 references, verses and passages related to the earth. It features essays from a number of leading theologians, including Bible Society President Bishop Tom Wright. “It highlights unmistakeably that, when it comes to caring for the environment, God got their [sic] first. Sustainable lifestyles and caring for the ecosystem are not just topics that politicians are talking about now. These are issues that God has put on our hearts.”

You get that, Greenpeace? “God got there first.” Despite what the legions of liberals (NOT Democrats) believe, that sentiment is true as seen in the book of Genesis. We are supposed to have “dominion over all the earth.” Right? Question: How’s that working out?

I mean, how many fast food wrappers do you see hurled out of cars featuring an ichthus? What about churches that bash the democratic agenda and “global warming”er, I guess its called “climate change” now?! I mean, of course they are passionate about little facts and their angst over ANWAR is more over politicians and much less abut policy. I get that. But at least they are vocieferously doing something. What are pastors doing? By and large, asking their congregations to pray for the earth. Meanwhile, there are no recycling bins outside and a whole bunch of bottled water hanging out in greenrooms backstage.

I seem to remember something about “faith without works is” something. Ah, what’s that word again? Hmmm… well, if a “Green Bible” is what it takes, then so be it. Or would that be, “Amen”?! Oh well, it’s all Greek to me.

  1. […] bad enough we ar so uber-PC, we have an eco-Bible on the market. But hey, maybe there’s a reason they call the mountains “God’s Country.” […]

  2. hiscrivener says:

    Quick question: If he didn’t give a flying rip about this place, why put his only creation here in the first place? You know, that same creation for whom he sacrificed his son?! If this was just another place, we would be on Mars, breathe in once and die. Seriously. To say God doesn’t care where he placed us is ridiculous.

    Oh sure, this place is going to be torched someday, but if you believe in Jesus, you won’t be here… and then you get to enjoy the New Jerusalem, a place that has an ecosystem more his style. Kinda like back in the Garden of Eden. You remember? That was in the first book. Don’t you love how things come back around?

  3. M. Patterson says:

    No, that’s not going to be an “Amen.” Try reading the last book and tell me if you think God gives a flying rip about your ecosystem.

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