“Urgent” story on Lou Gramm finally gets headlines

Posted: September 12, 2008 in Follow up, Keep it real, On Your Wall, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture
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DATELINE: July 13, 2008. The Wall.

STORY: Former lead singer of Foreigner gets saved and knocks out a Christian Rock album

What’s today again? Oh yeah… ALMOST TWO MONTHS LATER, and that story finally gets some ink. Good to know the coloratura “Jukebox Hero” is still relevant. Call it prowess to sniff out the sanctimony in a story. Call it having awesome Google alerts. Call it a never-ending affinity for the totally tubular 80s.

Whatever you call it, make sure you call it sibylline because HiScrivener called it. And here’s the story from the bustling metropolis of Flint, Michigan. Rock out, Lou Gramm.

“Myself and the band [made up of two of his own brothers!] are really enjoying it. Although the lyric content is a little different than (the Foreigner hit) ‘Hot Blooded,’ I think these songs have a lot of meaning to the normal person. I think it rocks real hard.” …Gramm explained that more thought went into the lyrics for the new album than his previous works because he wanted to “make sure if it wasn’t praising God, then it was certainly talking about how he can change you.”

So, if it took the media two months to figure out that a former contralto stud is breaking into a brand spanking new format, how long will it take the usual “tortoise catching up to the hare” Christian radio stations to play Gramm’s music?

Maybe, by that time, the real 80s Christian bands like Petra, Stryper and even Bruce Cockburn (unfortunate last name alert) will be out of rotation to make room for Mr. “Cold as Ice”. We can only hope now, can’t we. In the meantime, where’s my iPod?!


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