Cancer Blunder from Down Under: The fink isn’t going to the clink

Posted: September 12, 2008 in Above the Fold, Denominational Fun, Keep it real, On Your Wall, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture
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Hopefully, he is heading in the right direction

Hopefully, he is heading in the right direction

God must really be moving during Michael Guglielmucci’s therapy lessons, because after the latest story that has come out on the ugly Guglielmucci saga, he must be thanking the Lord at the top of his cancer-ravaged lungs.

Oh wait… ah, nevermind.You’ve heard that one before.

AdelaideNow in Australia breaks another one: “Porn Pastor Unlikely to Face Charges”

But police say the former pentecostal preacher, who performed his hit song Healer with an oxygen tube in his nose, may not face further investigations. Detective Superintendent Jim Jeffery said police were finalizing their investigations. “Unless further information comes to light or people that may have been affected by Mr Guglielmucci action’s come forward, no further police investigations are likely,” he said.

I think Mikey can thank not only God, but also his parents for that one. They have been in front of the media accepting the terrible reality of their son battling a 16-year addiction to pornography and who tried to pay for it all with two years of lying his tail off (to the entire world no less, in song) that he had cancer and needed some cash for medical bills.

Poor, dear people.

And now, because of their transparent and forthright efforts alone – all the money that came in, is going back out; all the notoriety that was lauded, is being left behind; all the singing that has occurred, has been silenced. They don’t need any more pain. Their son has done enough to last them a while already.

So now Michael Guglielmucci is all alone, with his addictions, his guilt and his therapist. Hopefully, he can find time on his busy schedule for his God as well. Because believe me, the true “Healer” would like to have a Word with Mikey.

  1. Tim says:

    It appears that the writer of this article has a deep problem with arrogance. You said, “Believe me, the true “Healer” would like to have a Word with Mikey. I’m not defending his actions but he came forward and confessed his sin. He didn’t wait until he got caught like Jimmy Swaggart who never stopped ministering. Dr. Falwell used to say, “The Christian army is the only army who shoots its wounded.” I’m on here today looking for some way to connect with MIke so that I might encourage him. The wonderful thing is that God is Mike’s healer. He was healed from sin and deception which is far worse than cancer.

  2. aogs says:

    The Australian AOG (now cheekily Australian Christian Churches) have down excellent PR on this one. Basically NO COMMENT. Danny Guglielmucci is the father and he and Brian Houston of Hillsong Inc are ACC Executive ‘heavies’. It smells of a pre-meditated setup. Our WebSite is at

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