September 11: How quickly we have forgotten

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We all have our memory of “Where were you when…” but where have those memories drifted to these seven years later?

Anyone remember, “NEVER FORGET.” That was the uber-popular marketing slogan found everywhere to capture Americana, nationalism and an overwhelming sense of pride in the red, white and blue. So, have we? You know, forgotten?

I think so.

Today, instead of a red, white and blue world, no political affiliations and the issues of life brisking idly by, we have well… the usual. The news is chock full of pundits ranting about red and blue states, shades of lipstick and who’s to blame for the economy erstwhile burying stories about tributes to the brave souls who died in the horror of One World Trade, New York. The only people today that will not forget are those that have been personally affected by the tragedy of that fateful day – families, comrades in arms, emergency service workers and the military. Others will go about their business worrying more about traffic than tragedy.

Let’s take a look back [cue harp music]…

Then – Congress was as united as this country. We understood life can stand still despite how wrapped up you are in your own life. We figured out that a human life really is precious when held in the balance, live on TV and in front of the world. We took time to reflect the amazing feats of heroism shown by our servicemen and women, military and countless volunteers who dropped everything to save the anonymous.

Now – Only an ill wind blowing reminds us of the faintest scent of patriotism. We are so wrapped up in what divides us that we truly could care less about what can unite us. Of course, Jesus Christ, but this country is a pretty great place. Where are the people who once cried, “May God richly protect this sovereign land and those who fight for it, both here and abroad.”

So this post is in case you need a memory jogger. Consider, “Where were you when the world stopped turning?” Because although you haven’t… America has, if only for a while.

  1. Trevor Fayas says:

    I have not forgotten, although i feel others have indeed. I made a memorial comic on my site, with a prayer for the nation, and invited others to leave messages to send to the truth. Sadly…only 4 or so left messages, out of 1400 fans. Granted not all are from the USA, but still…one person even commented how he hates memorial comics because it takes away from the storyline -.-

    Many kids were so young, and the nation forgot so fast, that they don’t even know what September 11th is. We can only try to remind everyone of what was done. The nation has sunken into hate and separation, we have such an immature nation, from what once was a proud state.

    I still pray that God would bless america, the nation that has now abandoned him. That we find togetherness, that we support our troops, and realize not everyone gives their life against their will. Many of the troops are proud to be serving others around the world, bringing freedom, and protecting us at home. There hasn’t been a single terrorist attack since 9/11, although many were planned. I don’t agree with President Bush on everything, but I think God is working good through the war in Iraq, although not greatly publicized as they don’t create as much ratings as horror stories that boil the blood and feed the anger, i have heard many stories of people brought hope in Iraq, about small victories and lives impacted.

    So i said it once, and I’ll say it again. God Bless America, and please have mercy on the nation that once called itself under you…

    Trevor Fayas

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