“A merry heart does good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries the bones” (Proverbs 17:22)

See. Even this guy liked to laugh.

See. Even this guy liked to laugh.

This is one of HiScrivener’s favorite verses in the Bible. Why? Because I love to laugh, joke, have a good time and still doing it loving God. Pastors are much of the same, trying to inject antecdotes and other kinds of giggles in sermons, although they are usually not that successful filling the church with groans. All they are missing is a rim shot, which is entirely possible with the huge bands most megachurches are throwing down these days.

And then there are guys like Pastor Mark Fitter of Capistrano Valley Church in Orange County, Calif.

Apparently, this is a cat that could start a message with “Two jews and a Catholic walk into a bar…” and get away with it. How?

Fitter was recently hired to be the new lead pastor there. But he isn’t giving up his night job, doing stand-up a couple times a month at comedy clubs and coffee houses in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Fitter, a converted Messianic Jew, co-founded a ‘family-friendly’ comedian booking act called, “Clean Comedians” set out to prove funny doesn’t have to filthy. Good on ya’, Pastor!

Since then, this guy has performed in some big houses… of worship AND comedy. Dude has even played THE IMPROV, and crushed it! The refreshing thing is apparently he did it without compromise.

“Certainly there are jokes that go through my head that I don’t say,” he admits. “That’s the challenge in clean comedy. It’s easier to be crude and shocking than clever.” … “Since one rule of stand-up is joke about yourself and your world; he does a lot of church humor. “When people find out I’m a pastor, right away they want to start confessing their sins to me,” one joke goes. “And I say ‘Hold it. I’m a Baptist pastor, not a Catholic priest. I can’t take your confession. But finish that story.'”

This is a pastor that exemplifies the heart of Christianity. You really believe ever child of God should act like they just walked of the stage at TBN? Um, not so much. We are not the boy in the bubble who must remain impervious by sinners everywhere. We are to walk and live among the people in our world – you know, like this guy. He shared moments in time with common and not necessarily sanctified folk while letting them know what you stand for… and on (like the Bible). I like the way Fitter responds to that:

Fitter says. “Jesus was out there eatin’ and hangin’ out. He had dinner with tax collectors, for goodness sakes. If he were around today, who’s to say you wouldn’t find him telling parables at a comedy club. So did you hear the one about the camel that walked through the eye of a needle?”

Keep it real, Pastor. Keep it real.

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