How would Jesus drive?

Posted: September 6, 2008 in Denominational Fun, Follow up, Keep it real, On Your Wall, WWJD
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We have spray painted this topic twice on the Wall already – secondhand witnessing.

I love Christian shirts and jewelry. I enjoy carrying my Bible around. But my car? That’s a world untouched by the marks of religion, CCM radio stickers or the friendly ichthus, because even I drive like a bat of hell at times and don’t want people to think, “Christians. Geesh” as I scream by running late to work. Hey, it happens.

Well, in the aforementioned post, we discuss a tool of a man, a pastor and driver’s safety class nightmare – Thomas Howell.

Ol’ Rev. here was a little terse at a young lady on the road, cuts her off, pulls out a GUN and threatens to make her meet Jesus personally by shooting her. Keep it classy, Pastor.

Today, we read in this AP report, his case went to court and the verdict is in…

A 71-year-old Cincinnati preacher convicted of waving a gun and threatening another driver won’t be going to jail. A Hamilton County judge on Thursday sentenced Thomas Howell to two years’ probation and 100 hours of community service on his conviction for aggravated menacing.

Well, I wasn’t looking for this guy to lose his life over the awful witnessing and horrendous act of kindness. His job on the other hand? Ah well. Live and learn. Hopefully he did.

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