MOVE 2008: Would this be the first Vice-grandbaby

Posted: September 2, 2008 in Above the Fold, Follow up, IJS, On Your Wall, Politics, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, The Obvious Files
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This election has been a roller coaster, full of twists and turns, loops and lunges – and it’s been all here on the Wall.

If it was history to be made, this is the year to do it. A black man getting nominated for president on the 45th anniversary of MLK’s Dream speech. A Republican woman on the ticket for Vice-President during the 88th anniversary of women’s suffrage. All we need to a persnickety state arguing over chad votes… er, sorry… that’s already history.

And now we have this – an unfortunate story about a girl, her boyfriend, hormones gone awry, a family of faith and oh yeah, the presumptive Vice-President of the United States.

But, according to evanglicals, don’t fret.

“We need to take the Juno option,” [Sojourners Director Jim] Wallis said, referring to last year’s popular movie about a pregnant teenager who gives her baby up for adoption. Said Donovan: “It doesn’t matter if it’s a conservative, liberal, or an apolitical family—these things happen.”

Hats off to Barack Obama for keeping it real and telling the legions of liberally-biased media to shut up. Props to John McCain for assuring the public there’s nothing wrong with the Veepstakes vetting process, only with the dimwits that think a 17-year old getting knocked up is “news.”

See, here’s the rub…

It’s not news in the real world. Girls full of active estrogen and prepubescent curosity get pregnant ALL THE TIME. Bristol Palin is no different, except for that “mommy getting a Veep nod” thingy. The only reason this is news is because some ultra-liberal, all-too-subjective, blindly prejudical dimwits care to forget the real world exists.

You see, self-righteous latitudinarians, babies are having babies everywhere. Sex, inquisitiveness and puberty don’t care about political affiliation or even religious denomination. It is void of color, creed or socioeconomic status, you dullard. And just because her parents are Christians, doesn’t mean that conviction is apparent when she is caught in the moment.

Since you seem to so caught up in her parent’s faith, I’m sure they’ll appreciate your prayers. Try it, you pray everytime you are hungover, “Oh God, get me through this please.” Besides, what else is there to do in Alaska. The iditarod?

So, O’ Hypocrite, next time you want to blog your vile and broadcast your vitriol, consider your address. If it’s in this world, do us all a favor, shut up and leave her alone. We are not voting a pregnant girl into office anyway.

  1. hiscrivener says:


    Good to see you traipsing along the Wall. And you bring up some salient thoughts:

    1. No question he knew. Can you imagine a VP being vetted and the family not being vetted? Puh-lease!

    2. Getting nice with the pop culture reference. And so true. However, I think much of that is rooted in a care for Sarah Palin and complete disgust for anyone with the last name of Spears.

    3. Papa Palin, while he is not trolling around Alaska on his world championship snow machine, does in fact take care of that family… well. He has to, you know? She has been a Mayor and a Governor. And I haven’t seen a Nanny referred to yet. Sarah can balance mommyhood, grandmommyhood and Veephood. Heck, Truman met a woman and got married all in office. And if the plights of dating don’t rock your world, I don’t know what will.



  2. Lavrai says:

    Hey there.

    I agree with you — these things happen all the time, unfortunately. I really had to reflect on the news and a few things popped up in my mind…

    1. Do I really believe that McCain’s people knew ahead of time that Palin’s daughter was preggers? — Of course! Palin would have been crazy to keep that back during the vetting process.

    2. I also find it kind of strange that Jamie Lynn Spears got called all kinds of names by folks on BOTH sides, but yet here we are defending a politician’s daughter… because?

    3. These things happen. Parents may have it together, but kids… well, whatever.

    But most importantly, Palin may be qualified and whatnot, and yeah, fathers can take care of the kiddies, too… but she’s still breastfeeding, mind you (yes, which will be all wrapped up by swearing in time, assuming). But her teen daughter who’s preggers… who do many teen moms lean on when stuff happens? — Mommmy. And who often ends up with the greater responsibility of raising the unexpected grandchild… usually grandma. Do we really believe Papa Palin (and whomever they try to move into the White House with them, assuming) will be able to manage that all… and that Mrs. Palin won’t be distracted in thought at least?

    I do not condemn, I merely question. …And I don’t see it being successful.

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