At last, Christian prejudice gets a name. Kinda.

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Above the Fold, Keep it real, Legal Prejudice, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture, The Obvious Files
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For decades, HiScrivener has carried a theory without refute.

During that time, the government has removed all sense of Christianity from school and public life. The ACLU wields a larger sword than ever. The FCC considers eff bombs to be unfit for TV, but “G.D.” and using Jesus Christ as an expletive is perfectly acceptable. In other words, if you hate Christians, cool. Get in, the water is warm.

Civil rights, check. Gay rights, check. Women’s rights, check. Human rights for illegal citizens and convicted killers, check. Heck, even animals – thanks to PETA – have almost human-esque rights. All that is deserved, needed and worthy of applause. Well, except for the human rights for killers. Why use a sterilized needle again? Anywhoo…

But Christians? Nada. There are blatant hate crimes committed against the Church daily, and often go without reprecution. Who cares? Look at the stereotype – money-grubbin’, scripture-twistin’, hypocrisy-havin’, fake-witnessin’ shenangians. If I didn’t believe in Jesus Christ, I think I would despise Christians as well. But thank God I understand there’s so much more to salvation than the misguided actions of a few.

Well, for years, you have heard of “Anti-semitism”. Get ready, Church, the loathing against the body of Christ has gone without moniker. However, thanks to the Pope, we have “Christiano-phobia” at our defense. HUH?!

The Vatican’s Foreign Minister warned on Friday against anti-Christian hatred, saying it should be fought with the same determination used to try to eradicate anti-Semitism and anti-Islamic sentiments… “One must fight effectively against ‘Christiano-phobia’ as against ‘Islamo-phobia’ and anti-Semitism,” Mamberti said during a speech on religious freedom.

Real linguaphiles hanging out in St. Peter’s Basilica, eh? Hey fellas, Is this hatred or fear? Does the Vatican even understand the difference?

I’m a nice dude – not that burly, gruesome or have a felony on my record. I get that some folk can’t stand me as an overt Christian and as someone who exercises a panache for the snarky. That said, no one needs to fear me… except my lil’ Wall Watchers when I shoot them “the look.” Chilling, huh? Now then, be afraid. Be very afraid.

While I know there is a “legal prejudice” in this country – and if you consider the widely accepted acts of tyranny aptly entitled “Christian persecution” worldwide – this appellation is inane. Does the Vatican have a psychologist on staff who can explain to the Pontiff what the heck a “phobia” is?

Here’s a thought: This statement was done by a representative on the Vatican and not some megachurch preacher. Why? Is it because of the angst people have against the Catholic Church because its own stereotype (altar boys and priests ring a bell)? That makes sense because that’s hate – and fear!

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