MOVE 2008: Sarah Palin is a Spirit-filled Protestant

Posted: August 30, 2008 in Above the Fold, Follow up, IJS, Networking, Politics
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Get ready evangelicals, we finally have a Protestant, a Pentecostal gearing up for the White House. And oh yeah, she’s a woman too.

But, did you hear about this one, broke by the Dallas Morning News?

This gun-totin’, oil-drillin’, PTA-workin’, pro-life-preachin’ mommy is very saved as her family are members of the Wasilia (AK) Assemblies of God church. That’s charismatic faith people!

Here is an excerpt from the Anchorage Daily News that I’m certain every evangelical publication will enjoy:

Palin’s parents say they are not political and don’t know how she decided to turn her ambition and work ethic toward politics. Her Christian faith, they say, came from her mother, who took her children to area Bible churches as they were growing up (Sarah is the third of four siblings). They say her faith has been steady since high school, when she led the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and grew stronger as she sought out believers in her college years.

Now this woman rockin’ the smoking hot-for-teacher look is about to have everything she knows – and is – vetted for the public’s consumption:

  • Her NRA lifetime and union membership.
  • Her own lack of experience in federal issues (even though she is the top executive of a state that has about as many people in it as say, DELAWARE).
  • Her ambiguity in foreign affairs.
  • The fact that five years ago, she’s fishing for dinner and her husband is racing across Alaska on a snow machine.
  • And there’s already an ethics question during her gubernatorial campaign.
  • You name it, the media sharks will circle around it and see if it floats.

Whatever happens during this campaign, it’s that foundation of faith, her belief in Jesus Christ that will sustain her throughout this loop-dee-loop, 65-day roller coaster. Good on ya’, Gov. Get your Rosetta Stone crash-course  on national security and prepare for the nation.

Pray for her, saints. She’s going to need it. You go girl!

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  2. loomisnews says:

    I’m very exciited, and couldn’t be happier that McCain chose Palin!

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