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This week’s addition of video evangelism, we find something that would make Charles Darwin’s Gen-Y progeny proud. You know, girls in schools everywhere have butchered self-images because of the Size 0 starlets seen in magazines and on billboards.

You know that adage, “There’s more than meets the eye.” Evidently, that begins with a session of Photoshop. Hopefully, this video becomes gospel and shackles of girls who feel like they have to grow up to fast will be shattered.

Wall Watchers, feel free to blast this out to everyone.

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Get ready evangelicals, we finally have a Protestant, a Pentecostal gearing up for the White House. And oh yeah, she’s a woman too.

But, did you hear about this one, broke by the Dallas Morning News?

This gun-totin’, oil-drillin’, PTA-workin’, pro-life-preachin’ mommy is very saved as her family are members of the Wasilia (AK) Assemblies of God church. That’s charismatic faith people!

Here is an excerpt from the Anchorage Daily News that I’m certain every evangelical publication will enjoy:

Palin’s parents say they are not political and don’t know how she decided to turn her ambition and work ethic toward politics. Her Christian faith, they say, came from her mother, who took her children to area Bible churches as they were growing up (Sarah is the third of four siblings). They say her faith has been steady since high school, when she led the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and grew stronger as she sought out believers in her college years.

Now this woman rockin’ the smoking hot-for-teacher look is about to have everything she knows – and is – vetted for the public’s consumption:

  • Her NRA lifetime and union membership.
  • Her own lack of experience in federal issues (even though she is the top executive of a state that has about as many people in it as say, DELAWARE).
  • Her ambiguity in foreign affairs.
  • The fact that five years ago, she’s fishing for dinner and her husband is racing across Alaska on a snow machine.
  • And there’s already an ethics question during her gubernatorial campaign.
  • You name it, the media sharks will circle around it and see if it floats.

Whatever happens during this campaign, it’s that foundation of faith, her belief in Jesus Christ that will sustain her throughout this loop-dee-loop, 65-day roller coaster. Good on ya’, Gov. Get your Rosetta Stone crash-course  on national security and prepare for the nation.

Pray for her, saints. She’s going to need it. You go girl!

Meet Levi Zachariah Humphrey – birthday boy, belligerent drunk and blessed savior of the known universe.

Evidently, Jesus likes to party because he was arrested while sitting butt-naked throwing a temper tantrum just off shore of the Pacific Ocean. No, really!

Cpl. Michael Kovar called out to the man, who was sitting in shallow water about 100 feet away from the bridge, but he refused to go to shore and appeared intoxicated, screaming at himself and splashing, according to arrest reports. Kovar headed out in the boat and plucked him from the water. The man repeatedly refused to disclose his name. Kovar handcuffed him for safety reasons and the man spit on the boat. When Kovar told him to stop, he spit in Kovar’s face, so the corporal turned him away from him as they headed to shore. After more prompting, Humphrey relented and said he was Jesus Christ.

Stay classy, Mr. Messiah… er, Humphrey.

Evidently, the judge on this case needs a little church’n up too:

The judge gave him some advice about swimming while drunk and naked. “Get a cape next time,” Baker said. “It was humorous in a way, but you could have drowned.”

Unless Superman had a flotation device around his back that in case of emergency, he could pull a string and out pops a squeaky ducky head – what Jesus movie is this cat watching where the King of Kings had a flippin’ cape?! I need to go back to my study Bible for this one.

Sing it, everybody… “If you’re happy and you know it, don’t do a thing.”

If that camp song was written like this, it just wouldn’t have the same ring to it in Sunday school. Christians are supposed to be thrilled they are going to heaven, Jesus is alive and all sins are forgiven. You know, basic dogmatic tenet stuff.

So when the crumudgeons of Crown Point, Indiana have been lambasting 911 with calls of noise complaints and demands shut it down… speaking of a tent revival… one of two things happened:

  1. Either these Christians are REALLY and unexpectedly happy about those tenets;
  2. Or the people of this rural town are really the Children of the Corn and already have their one way ticket to a more balmy climate

Police Chief Pete Land says his department has issued 10 citations to the church between July 31 and Aug. 10. One neighbor told a packed city council meeting Monday night that she has to turn on the air conditioning, the washer, dryer and a fan to drown out the noise.

Well, that’s sweet. They got the permit to have a tent revival, but once they got ‘revived’, all bets were off. Good thing this wasn’t a Todd Bentley crusade, they would have called in the National Guard and really got to snapping.