MOVE 2008: Jesus, where were you last night?

Posted: August 29, 2008 in Follow up, Keep it real, Politics, Testify, The Obvious Files
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First, it was Obama and his former raucous preacher. Then, it was Obama and his Christian revisionism. Next, Obama showed a few cracks in the faith-based foundation. Finally, it was Obama falling off the ‘saddle’.

It seems the closer he got to evangelicals, the more she showed his amazing technicolored dreamcoat.

Last night’s historic speech was 45 minutes of hope, aspiration, pomp, circumstance and uh, NO MENTION OF FAITH!

Where did all that focus for faith-filled voters go? What happened to bringing up antecdotes of church, state and the scriptures?

Oh sure, you bring up a failed sitcom with your kitschy line, “Eight is enough” (rim shot can be inferred) and told America to not turn back, but it seems that you turned your own back on the Church without even giving a shout out.

Wassup wit’ that?

Now, now Wall Watchers, Obama did use to verses of Holy Writ as some palliated bookends, but Christianity Today does a much better job of exposing that subterfuge. So he’s still a lil’ holy, right?

You can’t expect him to proselytize ad-nauseum last night – a brother’s got to guard his donations after all. However, while you are skirting the issues on everything else that matters – energy, economy, military, health, et al – it may have been nice to discuss briefly how faith-based organizations could find a fit on the “Yes we can” ticket.

Because now that it appears you gave up “the Sermon on the Mount” for “a Mountaintop experience” in Denver,  you have some church folk thinking when it comes to voting for you, “Um, no we can’t.”

  1. hiscrivener says:

    You couldn’t be more true.

    It’s been said after the president goes through his first 180 days – the typical period of time when the president lays out all of his plans he probably will never come to fruition – he will begin campaigning for his next term.

    Why we can’t this nation be governed by a general manager that has to answer to a board of directors. It seems we could get more things done around here.

    Cheers, dear.


  2. Don’t these people that always get ahead in politics have to take the broad road?

    Yes… broad means more votes doesn’t it?

    As an Australian I find this whole thing very interesting. Your election time seems to go on forever!


  3. Lavrai says:


    I was taken aback by the crying, too. I mean, I watched a good part of the thing…and I wasn’t moved to tears. I found the whole thing kind of frightening actually, so I was praying instead of crying most of the time.

    I really can’t understand what’s going on with everyone — what is this weird mentally that people have? This ‘hope’ for ‘change’ and ‘yes we can’ — Huh?

    And you’re right about a Satanist running for office (and I wouldn’t be surprised if there are very many in D.C. right now)… but what politician would ever be bold enough to stand on his faith EVERY TIME, EVERYWHERE? Don’t these people that always get ahead in politics have to take the broad road? If you really want to win…

  4. hiscrivener says:

    Bush v. Gore. Um, Bush v. Kerry. And then there was that Geraldine Ferraro thingy.

    Edgar, you’re right the tissues were flowing much, much more than you would think though.

  5. Edgar says:

    I’m still taken by the fact that some people were cyring. I don’t remember other times in the past when people were left crying…

    Maybe I haven’t watched that closely…

  6. hiscrivener says:

    I feel you, but the problem is you could have a satanist run for office and because of the good ol’ status quo, he or she would also say, “God bless America.”

    So, no, it wasn’t. The post has nothing to do with our much-ballyhooed roots but rather Obama’s consistency. If he was serious about including faith-based organizations on his ticket, it would have been nice while he was listing everything ELSE on his dossier last night.

    And it was everything, save that one glaring omission.

    If McCain doesn’t mention it, he’ll get a ribbing as well. No worries. Thanks for the post though.


  7. morsec0de says:

    His last line was one from scripture, and he ended with “God bless America”. That isn’t enough for you? We’re still a secular nation. Your religion doesn’t need to be mentioned in every speech.

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