In a selfless and sacrificial act, we have God doing what he does best amidst the horrendous claims, allegations and facts throughout the saga of fraudulent cancer victim and praise leader Michael Guglielmucci.

His wife of seven years will stay faithful and committed to the dude while he processes through his own spiritual sex, lies and videotape.

In a word, “WOW”.

“I know that I love him, I know that much,” [Amanda Guglielmucci] said. “We’re just not going to rush anything, we’re gonna walk through the process, however slowly it needs to happen, in order for the healing and restoration to be complete and then we’ll go from there.”

It can easily be argued that women stay with noted celebrities, politicans and athletes through their discretions because of money and notoriety. Amanda, whom we should just call “Superwoman” can’t say that.

Why? Michael Guglielmucci is not famous – he’s infamous! There is no money because his parents are ensuring the public all the proceeds from the majestic song, “Healer” are going to charity and every cent from the cancer donations are being returned (and high kudos for that). So what’s left?

Love – that of a wife and that of the healer he sang about with passion and vigor.

Jesus speaks through the Apostle Paul, “My strength is made perfect in weakness.” This story is Exhibit A. The Guglielmuccis are ridden with weakness, yet, this story emanates strength, fortification and a firm foundation. How? The power and love of God.

Listen, I have multiple issues of anger, frustration and bewilderment with Michael Guglielmucci, but what can you say – with a clear, Christian conscience – about Amanda’s faithfulness? Nothing but stand in awe of her support and in the faithfulness of Jesus.

“I never questioned it, when you love someone you trust them. I had no reason not to trust him,” she said.  “Perhaps I feel a little bit foolish in this, hindsight’s a fabulous thing . . . but I’m trying not to beat myself up.” Mrs Guglielmucci even quit work to look after her ailing husband. Mrs Guglielmucci said her faith in God had remained unmoved throughout the ordeal.

OK, maybe stand and applaud a little. Good on ya’. Prayer for her saints, she’s going to need it.


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