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“An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.”(Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.)

Regardless if you are old enough to have lived through the tempest of hatred during the 1960s or just young enough to get to read about the Civil Rights Movement in school, the reality of the famed “I Have a Dream” speech is more alive today than it ever has been since it was delivered 45 years ago today in the shadow of the man that freed the slaves.

Today is the anniversary of what happens when determination meets rumination. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man with a passion to serve the Lord and defend the rights of the voiceless, the helpless, the hopeless. He fought with vigor and determination for equality. He was convinced that men and women were the same despite physical differences, they were identical although their parents were not, they shared much more in common that geography – they shared identity.

Despite those separations and transgressions, the groups of people arguing about issues these days are not divided by color or creed – and that is something to embrace. Whites and blacks stand side-by-side, arm-in-arm debating the same point with another group of folk that look just like them – mixed, diverse yet unified.

What this nation is going to witness tonight is so much more than some political candidate babbling about his 10-year plans, strength of his issues and dancing in circles. That is typical, except this evening has a special impetus.

This year is submerged with political tension dividing most of the nation for one party or another, and tonight is the culmination of that angst – at least for half the country. People insisting on verbal bashing rather than communicating because of partisan blindness. Families divided among political deafness only accepting to hear that which is appeasing to their own preference. We have all seen it and most of us are living it. However, the times truly are a changin’.

45 years ago, Martin Luther King spoke of a dream. Tonight, Barack Obama – a black man – will accept a nomination to become leader of the free world and fulfill that dream.

And who will watch it come to reality?

To use the words of a sage, a prophet, a beacon of light when the world was it bleakest: “…all of God’s children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, and they will all be able to join hands…”

Wall Watchers, this night is more than great rhetoric, it’s a genesis for this country.

Consider there will always be prejudice because some people refuse to be anything less than ignorant of others that aren’t just like them. However, because of the strident steps of a few, the countless millions that are here now can walk in their shadows. Because of the missions of King, X, Evers, Kennedy, Barnett, Parks, Robinson, Hamer and many more, we can all sit here in the comfort of our own living rooms – as one family, one country – and see a product of that dream 45 years ago walk into history books as a part of reality.

Now there will be idiots that will use this moment in time and freeze it for ridiculous headlines, ludicrous agendas (like demanding reparations) and capricious stories like “if Obama doesn’t win this election, we are still a racist country.” Opportunists and terrible journalists aside, nothing could stop this from happening. Believe me, many have tried, failed and gave up. And good riddance for that.

That is a taste of the freedom Dr. King spoke about, fought for and died willingly.

In a selfless and sacrificial act, we have God doing what he does best amidst the horrendous claims, allegations and facts throughout the saga of fraudulent cancer victim and praise leader Michael Guglielmucci.

His wife of seven years will stay faithful and committed to the dude while he processes through his own spiritual sex, lies and videotape.

In a word, “WOW”.

“I know that I love him, I know that much,” [Amanda Guglielmucci] said. “We’re just not going to rush anything, we’re gonna walk through the process, however slowly it needs to happen, in order for the healing and restoration to be complete and then we’ll go from there.”

It can easily be argued that women stay with noted celebrities, politicans and athletes through their discretions because of money and notoriety. Amanda, whom we should just call “Superwoman” can’t say that.

Why? Michael Guglielmucci is not famous – he’s infamous! There is no money because his parents are ensuring the public all the proceeds from the majestic song, “Healer” are going to charity and every cent from the cancer donations are being returned (and high kudos for that). So what’s left?

Love – that of a wife and that of the healer he sang about with passion and vigor.

Jesus speaks through the Apostle Paul, “My strength is made perfect in weakness.” This story is Exhibit A. The Guglielmuccis are ridden with weakness, yet, this story emanates strength, fortification and a firm foundation. How? The power and love of God.

Listen, I have multiple issues of anger, frustration and bewilderment with Michael Guglielmucci, but what can you say – with a clear, Christian conscience – about Amanda’s faithfulness? Nothing but stand in awe of her support and in the faithfulness of Jesus.

“I never questioned it, when you love someone you trust them. I had no reason not to trust him,” she said.  “Perhaps I feel a little bit foolish in this, hindsight’s a fabulous thing . . . but I’m trying not to beat myself up.” Mrs Guglielmucci even quit work to look after her ailing husband. Mrs Guglielmucci said her faith in God had remained unmoved throughout the ordeal.

OK, maybe stand and applaud a little. Good on ya’. Prayer for her saints, she’s going to need it.

Irony! Ain’t it great.

Just the other week, we spray painted a post on the Wall about gambling and Christianity because of a man that won his state lottery of $6M and cut a tithe check to his church. How faithful, right? Well, the church gave him the Heisman and dude kept his cash.

Amazing how churches are supposed to worship the same God, read the same Bible but pick and choose different scriptures to follow. Take the True North Community Church in Port Jefferson, N.Y., as noted in FOX News.

Pastor Bertrand Crabbe of the True North Community Church of Port Jefferson said the donor, who asked to remain anonymous, said, “This was why God put the ticket in his hands.” The state Lottery announced Wednesday that the independent Christian church will get at least $102,225 a year through the year 2028. The amount could be higher if withheld taxes are refunded because of the church’s nonprofit status.

Conversely from the aforementioned post,  this is a church (and a pastor) that doesn’t mind where the money came from, but rather what they intend to do with it. Oh, the church was given a $3 MILLION check as a result of the proceeds.

If any Wall Watchers dares to start the debate on WWJD, great. But in so doing, please answer WWYD as well.

You know, I wonder if somewhere the pastor who stood on his biblical laurels in the previous post is thinking, “You know, this foundation is cracking. Maybe I oughta’ get that Pick 6… in the name of Jesus, of course.”