No bones about it – HiScrivener is a raging independent.

I vociferously believe most Christians should classify themselves as such as to approach politics with a biblical point of view, as opposed to a heavily convoluted one aligned by partisan paraphernalia.

At least I know Jesus didn’t require the help of others to influence his decisions. Que non?

Make up your own mind and stand on the Bible, not your party’s shoulders! IJS.

Honestly, because if you can’t… then you would completely miss out on the side-splitting humor and utterly asinine thought process of how Barack Obama will flotsam and jetsam from Mount Olympus to earth and bless us – the minions, proletariat, serfs, all that will stand screaming for blood and offering a sacrifice to the DNC gods.

Too melodramatic? Nah, if you are a democrat with a sense of esteem, faith, Americana and um, taste, read this and weep from FOX News (and that’s because you couldn’t dig this story up on CNN… shocking.)

The field where the Denver Broncos play and where Obama will address a crowd of more than 70,000 people is now completely covered by a circular seating arrangement. And in the center, where Obama will be standing, is what appears to be a large structure that resembles the ancient Greek temple of the goddess Athena. Or maybe just the U.S. Capitol.

Remember all those bruits about the “Obamessiah” and the “Antichrist” and “Mr. Hollywood“? What in the name of Zeus to you call this set-up at Invesco Field? Greek columns? Senators wearing togas? Prepping audience chants before TV time? Is this an acceptance of presidential candidancy or the Clash of the Titans?

Seriously, what’s next for this off-off-off-off Broadway production? Etching a new Pantheon of gods for the DNC? Hrm, let’s see:

  • Zeus, the god of the universe – Guess who?
  • Ares, god of war – Joe Biden. He seems to be all they have for foreign relations.
  • Athena, goddess of wisdom – Hillary. Please, anyone see that speech last night? And what’s up with that tangerine pants suit. Anyone call Mr. Blackwell?
  • Apollo, god of prophecy – Bill. Ask any earnest Democrat. They all think he was an oracle.
  • Demeter, goddess of grain and fertility – Nancy Pelosi. No one spreads the “fertilizer” like she does.
  • Hades – Edward Kennedy. Nuff’ said.

Anywhoo… what else could this haughty pomp and circumstance shower, nomination celebration mean? I mean, since Obama has been wooing evangelicals much more than McCain, why not change his name to Constantine, be knighted by Bill Clinton as “Holy American Emperor” and rise to feed the Republicans to the lions. What exciting TV that would be… and even FOX would televise that. See? He’s already bridging the aisles. Nice.

This stunt is lunacy – truly. And anyone on Barack Obama’s team that has not advised him how stupid this is, should be impaled… you know, in the spirit of Rome (once the Visigoths got there). If he goes through with this, he deserves the onslaught of mud ready to be slinged in his direction. MEMO to the Obamaniacs: Your barbaric yawps are all about “CHANGE”. So here’s a news flash. CHANGE THE FRIGGIN’ STAGE!

So, $10 to the first dude at Invesco Field to rock like the great John Blutarsky (pictured) and start the chant “Toga, Toga, Toga!” Or better yet, get a cream pie, hurl it at someone and clamor “Food Fiiiiiiiiiiight!” Come on, it’s $10. That should pay for bail.

And I’ll bet considering the awesome mood John McCain is in after this story, he’ll probably spring for it. Good times!

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