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Most evangelists or pastors in the news these days are accused of having sticky fingers, but we have discovered a new realm of “DOH!” with Michael Guglielmucci and his panache for the extravagant faux pas.

In case you haven’t heard, Guglielmucci conned the nations out of money by using an aggressive cancer to pay for a certain fetish he had, and boy does the news travel fast.

Check out his Wikipedia page (hence the “Wiki Fingers” reference. Hey, it’s late. Give a brother a break).

Now, I realize any concerned (or concocting) soul can edit this page, and saying “Well, I saw it on Wikipedia” is almost as credible as seeing Barry Bonds hit a home run as he says, “Oh no! I have never taken beef ‘roids!”

However, this mess travels fast! Newly added to his page are:

  • Guglielmucci admitted that his claims about having an aggressive form of cancer, supposedly diagnosed in 2006 were untrue.
  • He is no longer serving in active ministry, and is now seeking professional help.
  • All of AdelaideNow’s stories are referenced (HiScrivener’s source of information on this tale of woe.)

And? Well, it’s what’s missing that is peculiar. That wonderful video of dude singing with his nose full of an oxygen tube? It’s gone. It was there last week when this mess began.

I wonder if Hillsongs took it down claiming the ubiquitous “copyright infringement” policy.And if they did, what a joke that would be. It wasn’t copyright infringement when they thought Guglielmucci was on the up-and-up. But now that he is on the down-and-out, not so much.

Stay classy, people.

At least, that’s what this dimwit did when his excruciating facial features and tomfoolery became evangelical legend (and a piece of fraudulent televangelist folklore).

Oh well, I’m sure there will be more from this story, but until then, a litmus test… let’s see how long this video stays online. HiScrivener sets the over/under at three weeks, which is three weeks longer than his freakin’ MySpace page should last. Can’t someone call the cops on that?! Place your bets, Wall Watchers.

Our latest submission to the “No. Really?” department is this axiomatic story from MSNBC entitled “God vs. Doctor.”

Stand down cult watchdogs, this is not a story about Christian Scientists but rather doctors everywhere realizing that the proof of their medical degrees isn’t a match for the power of God. According to this study, “divine intervention can revive dying patients.”

You don’t say?! No, really. They said even more.

More than half of randomly surveyed adults — 57 percent — said God’s intervention could save a family member even if physicians declared treatment would be futile. And nearly three-quarters said patients have a right to demand such treatment.

“A right”?! Well, thank God we live in a democratic nation. For a minute there, I thought this really was Beijing. And now doctors everywhere are sighing in relief because they have an ‘out’:

“Sensitivity to this belief will promote development of a trusting relationship” with patients and their families, according to researchers. That trust, they said, is needed to help doctors explain objective, overwhelming scientific evidence showing that continued treatment would be worthless.

Nice. I always thought there was something farfetched about that whole “Lazarus come forth” and being raised from the dead at the very request of Jesus ballyhoo. But this story clearly wipes the cobwebs from my comprehension and the next time I hear this message, I can shout “Amen” with a clear conscience.

Thanks, MSNBC.