Burglarizing Churches: It’s a family affair

Posted: August 22, 2008 in IJS, On Your Wall
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Meet Anti-Church Mom of the Year: Christy Roper from New Britain, Conn.

You see, she has an interesting nightlife. While churchgoers are tucked away in their beds praying to the sweet baby Jesus, Roper is off breaking into their churches stealing from poor and making them poorer.


I guess with child-care costs as they are, she has a clear conscience. Good thing, because when she is in prison and he is robbing banks, she’ll have these special “mother-son” filed trips to think about and keep her warm at night. Well, that is, if the flames of hell don’t take care of that job already.

Good thing some churches believe in candid camera. Say cheese, Heifer! (The video is on the link).


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