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The Graham boys looking way down on this "film"

The Graham boys looking way down on this droll national lampoon

I suppose this could become another “Brickhouse Series” (scroll down and look to the right) because we have another twist to this Billy Graham movie thingy that regretfully shows you the Church has such a difficult time doing things the right way, the first time!

  1. First, we hear that the Billy Graham movie is finally going to be made; however, they get some bit actor freshly killed off “Desperate Housewives” because he has a slight resemblance to the evangelist. Nice. At least the production crew cares about capturing the “essence of the role”.
  2. Next, we learn the movie is having “Advanced Screenings,” which seems to be Christianese for “straight to DVD”. And why? Maybe it has something to do with today’s story???

Today, we discover a movie about the greatest thing to happen to the Body of Christ, since maybe… well, him… can’t even get the respect he deserves because the friggin’ script can’t even get a Fedex overnight to Little Piney Cove. This should be professionally-produced, brilliantly-marketed and feature good acting like “The Passion of the Christ” instead of, ooooh, “Megiddo: The Omega Code 2.

According to a statement put out by Franklin Graham and an interview in the Charlotte Observer, I have a brilliant conclusion. I’m no brainiac, but I presume the Graham clan won’t be making it to the world screening premiere:

For starters, he said through a spokesman that “Billy: The Early Years” includes a few scenes that never happened in real life and others that are “greatly embellished” … and “he doesn’t care if people see it.”

Nice. There’s nothing like a ringing endorsement to kick off a DVDer, a movie. Instead of ‘two thumbs up’, it seems the makers of “Billy: The Early Years” just got two well-deserved fingers. Uh, from Franklin… not Billy. IJS.