Victoria’s Secret: “It’s a new beginning”

Posted: August 18, 2008 in Above the Fold, Follow up, Keep it real, On Your Wall, Snap, Crackle and POP Culture
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Two years of legal issues. Two weeks of an inane law suit. And it took all of two hours for the Harris County [Houston, Texas] jury to return a hearty hand of “Not Guilty” to Joel and Victoria Osteen… and probably gave Sharon Brown the finger.

I really like this wrap-up story from the Houston Chronicle. It does live up to its name – a chronicle of what happened, and how God really did provide justice for everybody.

Inspiration has sprouted and everyone involved got a nice reality check – not quite the “check” Sharon Brown intended. This Sunday, as opposed to last Sunday, the Osteens were competing for air time to thank their congregation, supporters, the jury and God.

“We’re here to tell you, to thank the Lord in front of all of you, in front of our friends, and to let you know God is a faithful God,” Joel Osteen said. “Every one of you, we know you prayed for us. We felt your love, your prayers, your support.”

I once heard a great pastor say, “A person stands tallest when he’s on his knees.” Amen, somebody? Often, it takes a dire moment of humility to expose just how human you really are. Victoria may have walked on that plane with a tiara and a carry-on of self-aggrandizement, but she walked out of the courtroom with a dose of reality and the knowledge of God’s saving grace.

“The truth is, I didn’t want to come back (to preaching),” she said. “The truth is, I wanted to stay home. I wanted to forget it. I thought: `You know what, God, maybe you are trying to tell me this isn’t what I’m supposed to do. Maybe you’re trying to tell me I need to sit home.’ You see, the enemy wants to devalue you, to humiliate you, to embarrass you.”

“I’d go out in public,” she went on. “I’d go into a restaurant, and I felt like people would turn around and look at me and they would be thinking all this stuff. You know a lot of it was in my mind. The truth is a lot of it was (internal) battles that I had to face and I had to overcome.”

And you know what, Victoria? He succeeded… and it looks like you did too. You give that fool an inch, he took you for a mile, then kicked you out of a car at some rest stop and you had to walk all the way home. You were humiliated and embarrassed. Look at you last week. I’ll admit, I hope I was wrong about Cyndi Lauper being in your iPod singing “True Colors.”

It seems you were asleep in your own splendor, covered in your shadow only to impetuously wake up and realize that shadow really wasn’t yours, but a God you serve. Now that’s justice. Sharon Brown got what she richly deserved, and Victoria Osteen got the wake-up call she needed. You have to love the Lord and want to worship him, or you wouldn’t have ever been involved with the Osteen family. So, good on ya’ Vicky.

“We got in the car that night (after testifying)  I just felt like I heard new beginnings,” he [Joel Osteen] said. “It’s a new beginning. It felt so good. I believe God is saying it’s time for new beginnings, it’s time to step into a new season of God’s favors, it’s time to be set free from things that have been holding you back.”

New beginning, eh? Well, enjoy that. Many people don’t get two of those. But maybe now you realize you put on those pants just like anyone else… albeit the name-brand, dry-clean only pants, but hey, that’s another story.

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