God Sighting of the Month: Jesus gives me that sinking feeling

Posted: August 17, 2008 in Good for a Giggle, On Your Wall
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Like clockwork, Jesus decided all those churches and bibles in the world weren’t enough to remind people that he’s alive.

So, without a press release or a trumpet sound, he returned… this time we find the King of Kings making the “Ring of Rings” in some chic’s sink in Youngstown, Ohio.

Hey, at least he doesn’t feel the need to always visit the big media markets. They get all the good news.

I just hope that’s one of those faux marble sinks found in the starter homes because of that’s ash and dirt, we all need to hold hands and pray for a sister to get a maid service or something.

What’s great about Jesus making these special guest appearances is it brings the ne’er-do-well opportunist out of everyone. Get this:

After having the sink for over six years, this Struthers homeowner says the timing of her discovery was ironic. “My daughter is a senior this year and I haven’t saved any money for college and we were going to move and buy this bigger home. I was kinda stressed out about it and I was thinking how am I going to do it all? That’s when I saw it so maybe I was meant to see it then.”

Meant to be? Right? So, that’s why the gods created eBay?! Must be because that’s where homegirl’s wash basin is headed. And it can be yours – blessing and all – for only $50,000. Yeah, I’m sure that’s what Jesus intended by unclogging your drain. Hallelujah!


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