Look honey. A seat with no spillage. Goody-goody.

This week has been entertaining down in Houston for Joel and Victoria Osteen.

First, on the first Sunday back to church blubbering was a player, thanks were abounding and all that… from Joel. All the while, Victoria Osteen stood as if she was frozen in that Han Solo carbonite, only without the beef stew surrounding her like poor ol’ Han.

Next, we have more insight to Vicky’s hissy fit that led an offered (but not delivered) spurious apology, fake “Tammy Fay” tears and a show for all to see. Oh yeah, and something about the pastors of Lakewood Church being Satan incarnate.

Evidently, a “show” was indeed what occurred because three other privileged, beautiful people testified THEY DIDN’T SEE A THING, as noted here by the Houston Chronicle. Looks like Sharon Brown’s grab bag law suit may be the rest of our money these days – full of gas!

“There wasn’t anything that occurred that she could be suing over,” said Laura Knoppe, who was sitting in the first row of first-class seats, closest to where the alleged attack took place.

Knoppe, who was called by Victoria Osteen’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, told jurors she never heard Osteen yelling or screaming. She also testified that she had a good view of the bathroom door that Brown claims Victoria Osteen threw her against.

“Did that happen?” Hardin asked. “No,” Knoppe responded.

Another passenger, Barbara Shedden, who had been called by Brown’s attorney, described the interaction that Brown and Victoria Osteen had on the plane as “just a power of the wills. It was very authoritative on both parts.”

A “power of the wills”?! Seriously? The way this is folding out in court, it sounds more like a MMA pay-per-view! However, our reliable complainant – who was so innocent and forthcoming with the race card – seems to have a propensity for being a bit of a sue-happy biyatch herself.

Just before he rested his case, {Osteen lawyer, Rusty] Hardin showed jurors a videotaped deposition of Claudia Hall, a former Continental Airlines flight attendant and gate agent who says she was falsely accused by Brown of hitting and pushing her into the bathroom wall of a plane in November 1995.

“I definitely did not get very angry,” said Hall about the incident over a missing ticket. “I did not hit her.”

Oh, good God. Would someone please end this thing? What will happen is what usually happens when a socialite is in court: win the case in the courtroom (money always does), lose the case in court of public opinion (there’s only so much fluff Joel can write that will cover your tarnished behind, Vicky) and we all live happily ever after.

Poor Rusty Hardin. Now only if he could discover that Brian McNamee “planted” needles ridden with horse ‘roids under other baseball players TV sets, Roger Clemens may be back in baseball today. Yeah, can’t win them all!

  1. hiscrivener says:

    Well, “Anonymous” is it? Nice name, is that Eastern European?

    Anywhoo, although I’ll get to that winning verdict momentarily, there is much you should realize about perception. She is riding Joel’s coattails on this one. If Joel had one inkstain blemish against his name (and thank God he doesn’t because of his Daddy), the Lakewood Church empire would take a real hit.

    She is protected. Yes, she was found innocent. Yes, she was bamboozled by a grade A crook! But yes, she did something to deserve it. Christian never equals “welcome mat” but you have a large responsibility to show love, care and humility when serving God in such a public fashion. She… didn’t.

    Of course, HE spoke. What else do you expect? That’s her stelo, and it took this for those blinding colors to come through. Sad, but true. Face it, some folk in the Christian public eye just got real issues, and many of them come from the celebrity mindless sheep give them. As for your groupings? I am far from jealous of her beauty and inherited cash, as well am I opposed to the whole Jesus thingy.

    Wonder where that puts me? I’ll be over here hanging on both sides of the fence I guess.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Victoria didn’t win the case because of money. Nor did she “lose the case in court of public opinion.” Most people who still believe she is guilty are people who are either jealous of her wealth and/or beauty, or people who do not like Christians and/or preachers… and those who especially don’t like wealthy Christians and/or preachers. It was made pretty clear that this was all about money and that Ms. Brown greatly exaggerated things. There was nothing wrong with Victoria complaining about a spill and asking a stewardess to clean it up. Christian or not, she was a paying customer and Ms. Brown was an employee whose job it was to help the customer. I would’ve done the same thing, only I probably would’ve been rude, which I do not believe Victoria was.

    In the beginning, I jumped to conclusions, like everyone else, and thought “shame on her” about Victoria… judging her and finding her guilty even though I had no facts or evidence. But from the moment I heard that the stewardess was suing for 10% of her net worth, I knew the stewardess had problems! I actually respect the Osteens more now than I did before the trial, and I am looking forward to buying her book that comes out in Oct. I am not a huge Osteen fan and don’t agree with all his teachings, but I have to say that I was inspired today when they spoke… esp. when he spoke… and I really feel that they have set an example for me of true Chrsitianity. I don’t belive for one minute that Victoria was rude or out of line on the flight, and I admire the way she has handled this whole stupid trial.

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